Ecuador June 2005...travelling on my own?!?!

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1. Posted by stephyamy (Budding Member 5 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi. I'm going to Ecuador in a month for a 3 week field course in the rainforest in the north east of the country near coca. As i'm out there for such a resonable price however (the whole thing is costing me jsut £500) i thought i should make the most of it and stay out there for another 2 or 3 weeks. However, at the moment i have no-one to travel with!

I was going to go with a girl on one of those organised tours but they are soo much more expensive than doing it off your own back! Ideally i'd just go by myself but i know that for a young girl on her own it is perhaps not the best idea.

Is anyone else travelling out there at around the same time (1st july onwards)?? or has anyone travelled round there by themselves before and if so what tips can you give or did you encounter any major problems. I do speak some spanish so the language barrier shouldnt be too bad but any other info would be v.useful!!

2. Posted by stephyamy (Budding Member 5 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I should add that i ideally want to explore ecuador and/or peru for a few weeks but must be able to get my flight home from Quito. if anyone is interested in joining me reply to this or send me a message and i'll get in touch. I'm a 20yr old biology student from manchester, friendly, fairly normal ;) and love visiting new places!

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I spent 4 weeks in ecudor in 2002, 2 weeks of which was in The Galapagos. I made it down to the rainforest and stayed at the Liana Lodge near Tena. An absolutely beautiful place. I did hook up with a tour, but it isn't necessary. Outside of Quito the people are very friendly but bewary of many scams. If you are going to spend any time in Quito make sure you go anywhere at night by taxi. Banos is another nice spot but I would stay away from guayaquil. There are many travel agents in Quito especially along avenue amazonas that willa rrange tours or hotels in the rainforest for you. Keep in mind that the squirrel monkeys and tamarinds will be getting you up very early.

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I went to Ecuador on my own a few years ago for 4 months for my gap year, but I ended up living there for nearly 3 years. If you want any help or advice message me. It is one of the best countries to visit, and the Galapagos Islands are a must see.