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I'm looking for a light-weight pair of trecking shoes / runners to put in my backpack when I go travelling. There are so many choices but the requirement is that I get something Light, water-resistant, and breathable.

I'm looking for good value for money. Some of these $150+ shoes out there might be great, but they're a little too expensive for me.

I thought there may be some models which really stand out as great value and light.

I'm a male.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance.

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Have you looked at Altra brand shoes? They make trail runners, as well as offering some boots and casual shoes with a heavy focus on low top runners/trainers. Their biggest boot (lone peak 3.0) is only 10 ounces, or about 300 grams, so their low top models are even lighter. All their models collapse down for easy packing.:)

Price... you get what you pay for. Cheap footwear suited for the trail is heavy in weight and will murder your feet and fall apart quickly. Getting a light and packable shoe or boot that will be comfortable and durable will cost you money. You mention $150 is too much money but the desire for something that is light will set you back at least that amount.

I wear Altra shoes but I don't want to suggest a specific model because they often come and go each year - the models I am familiar with (aside from the lone peak 3.0 boot) are not on their website any longer, but may be at Zappos or somewhere similar. The Altra brand is well-known for their design, comfort, quality and, most important, their weight, or lack thereof.

Consider $150 a great value for the the type of shoe you are looking for - Altra will have models at that price and cheaper.

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I'll take a guess that you're in the USA from the currency used.

From what I've seen in the UK you can get a decent pair of standard trekking trainers for around £50 although I'm not sure of the durability of them under stress (I use them as everyday regular trainers), but they should be ok for a decent 'travel' period. However lightness costs money and for anything lightweight the cost seems to rise dramatically.
I'd expect them to all be pretty similar value for money (Expensive being the best but mid-price being mid-quality etc) so it really comes down to personal choice and what's 'on sale'.
So IMO have a good look in the shops at what fits best, then have a good look on-line to see what the best prices are.

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Thanks for the replies. I'm still looking at Columbia (Columbia Hammond) which have a range of nice light weight shoes. This particular model is rather light (very light) actually.

I suppose a runner/hiking shoe (low cut) that doesn't look ridiculous is what I'm looking for. I will probably put them in my luggage until I need them which is why they have to be light.

I'm actually in Australia. The pair I am looking at is for AUD 180, but is currently on special for $117. I only just found that special after choosing the shoe. They fold up reasonably well too.

Anyways, there's probably other models out there which are even more compact and light-weight so if any of you have suggestions, please let me know, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for the tip about Altra Brand shoes. They are light weight but the weights they advertise are for a 1/2 pair which is one shoe. All the shoe sellers seem to be doing this now.

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Factoring in the way the shoe looks is another thing, as you mentioned... Some models are too bright and flashy - I call this "peacocking"

One final push for Altra shoes: 10 ounces, even for one shoe, is tough to beat.

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Shoes are the most important part of any travel. If you have good shoes you will enjoy traveling. If you have uncomfortable shoes you will feel miserable all the time. Never try to save money on shoes or sunglasses. I have one pair of Vasque brand and I am very happy with them.

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