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Hello everyone
Can anyone advise on the best place to visit for day of the dead?
Mexico City looks good, although I read on another site that Oaxaca is the only genuine place to still celebrate / take part in the ceremony
I’ll only have 4 or 5 days in Mexico and was mainly going for day of the dead, but when I looked Mexico City has more to do the other days then Oaxaca.
( ‘Mr knows everything’ at my work place said the only place to go in Mexico regardless of why I’m going is Guadalajara, please tell me his wrong! )
I’m a solo female traveller, so would like somewhere safe, not too isolated, I love wondering round markets, and taking photos of unusual things
Please help :)

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Listing "best places" is exhausting.

Patzcuaro is meant to have one of the most traditional celebrations, but perhaps you are looking for nightlife.

For Day of the Dead we had a blast in Tapachula, along the border with Guatemala. We were doing a CA4 "visa run" at the time and we weren't expecting much. Tapachula, while a pleasant enough city, is not ground zero for tourists. Still, we had no plans or expectations, but we thought the whole 3 days was amazing.

Similarly, we once spent independence day in Tuxtla Gutierrez: not a tourist town, but it is the capital of Chiapas. We got to see the governor issue the "grito" and we had a great time.

Pick a spot - you can't go wrong.

If you happen to have time in Mexico City, make sure you visit doll island independently.

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The day of the dead is All Souls Day in the Church and where it would have come from originally. In Mexico City there is an important religious site, Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared there and is why Mexico is primarily Catholic. After the apparition, Mexicans were baptized day and night for the next 10 years, they could not keep up. Many penitents go to the site, so I am suspecting there will be much ado there.

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>The day of the dead is All Souls Day in the Church and where it would have come from originally

I'm afraid it's just not as simplistic as that. The concept/idea/celebration most certainly didn't originate with Christianity. Like almost all Christian celebrations and rituals (including Christmas, Easter, the concepts of soul, heaven and rebirth), it has pre-Christian roots. Adopting and adapting existing pre-Christian practices was a very successful (and very pragmatic) way of encouraging converts to the early Christian church.


and many more............. :-)

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