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Hey everyone!

My wife and I have decided to leave the UK for at least a year to fulfil a dream and visit some beautiful places around the world, I know this is a question that is always asked which is impossible to answer but still I would appreciate any advice. We are looking to go from the UK - Australia(Adelaide,Brisbane,Melbourne,Sydney,Perth) - New Zealand-SE Asia - Europe-Uk, we have already booked our flights to Adelaide, 1 weeks accommodation and another flight to Melbourne, we have also booked our return flight from New Zealand to Perth for a wedding. On top of this we were looking to take around £30,000 with us and the type of trip we want is staying in small air bnbs, hotels and some hostels if cheaper(find AirBnb is cheaper for couples in OZ and NZ) We are lucky to have 1 month in Australia with basically free accommodation plus one week at the gold coast for 10 Oz dollars a night, What we are looking to do is relax, enjoy time away and experience culture,nature with goods local food, we will not be bungee jumping etc. The money we have will that be enough in todays market? What I don't want is to have to cut a trip of a lifetime short, also any tips we will really appreciate, thank you.

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I think your £30k is doable but tight...

You've basically £600pw between two of you, split between accommodation, ground transport and food.

In NZ and Australia this will be very tight. Food is more expensive than in the UK, though there are some relatively cheap options such as carry out specials from Pizza Hut and Domino's, or a bag of chips from the chippy. Supermarkets are a little eye-watering. The ground transport cost depends whether you're doing bus passes or hiring a car - buses are difficult for going hiking as they tend to be town centre to town centre. And accommodation, well my last trip to NZ was a few months ago and we were staying mostly in motels or holiday park accommodation units, for either we were paying around £60 a night per room.

On the plus side S E Asia can be a lot cheaper - how long are you spending there, and which countries are you going to? Because costs vary a lot. This is your opportunity to save a lot - if you can add more time in cheaper countries and delete some time in Aus / NZ it will help the money go further.

And your couple of weeks of basically freebie accomm in Aus will help.

Are you drinkers? That tends to be the other budget killer.

I think it can work but you'll need to be disciplined with your spending. I think I travel similarly to you, mostly going for the outdoors stuff and not spending money on bungee jumps or activities, and I budget £100 a day per person, including flights etc. But then my trips are shorter so flight costs aren't offset over so many days, we usually hire a car between two of us, even so our budget is towards double yours.

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AndyF thank you so much for your reply and feedback, just to make sure when talking about the £30,000 did you take into consideration that 2 main flights and 1 domestic have already been booked? (UK-Adelaide, Adelaide-Melbourne and NZ-Perth plus 1 week accommodation?) We do have a lot more savings and could take more if you feel our budget is not enough? we basically have around £90,000 but was going to take £30,000 and save £60,000 to help us get back on our feet, I would say 3 months in oz(1 month free) 1-2 months in NZ and then 4 months plus in Bali,Thailand,Malaysia,Cambodia,Vietnam etc. It is so hard to work out a comfortable amount to take! I don't want to come back to no money but also understand that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! I am a drinker, wife not so much but I wont waste money on expensive drinks, happy to wait for special occasions and cheaper countries, We are thinking of hiring a campervan and doing the great ocean road, would this be cheaper than airbnbs, flights etc? I know it is an impossible question but could you try and give an example of how much we should look to take if £30,000 is very tight?

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Okay it sounds like you've got it pretty sorted. From your initial post it wasn't clear if S E Asia was a brief add-on but you're doing an extended stay in cheaper countries so your £30k should ace it.

As you've got backup funds, I suggest the thing to do is have a way to access them without risking them. Can a family member transfer you money from your reserves if you run short? Or can you set up a passworded banking app to allow you to transfer from your savings to a current account?

As you've only around 3.5 months accommodation to pay for in A/NZ that cuts the cost considerably - places like Thailand, Vietnam can be half or a quarter of the cost if you want. Yes I didn't include any flight costs, it sounded like you mostly had this sorted and with the budget carriers in that part of the world I expect the local hops wouldn't be too significant. Details like that will be overshadowed by the variability in your daily spend rate - you could have a day in S E Asia when you spend £10 total, and a day in Aus when you spend £200 (digs, car, petrol, dinner and a couple of drinks).

If you want to work out your costs in more detail it is pretty easy to price things online these days. It boils down to accommodation + transport + food & drink + activities + souvenirs + (travel insurance, visas, any other fees). You can drill as deep into each of these as you want and figure out your daily spend. It's normal to take long haul flights off the top as you have done.

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PS I've not done the campervan thing. When I've looked at it - years ago for a NZ trip - it worked out cheaper for two of us to hire a basic car and motels. And nowadays it seems more costly since there is much less opportunity for freedom camping so you end up with site fees on many nights too. But price it online - the camper van hire and the car hire and motels will all be online. It will vary depending on your choices eg camper van with a shower and toilet.

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Some great tips AndyF so thank you! I will do some more research but what you have shared as really giving me a better idea, again thank you.

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