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Hey all, my first posting after many years. I have decided to do a bike tour along the Karakoram Highway in October 2019! It's quite literally been on my mind for about 10 years but circumstances are such the opportunity has presented itself - gotta grab it with both hands right.

I'm hoping someone can genuinely help with my query as I am struggling to find much by way of research. I will be flying from
UK to Beijing on 30th September 2019 with my touring bike - usual boxed packaging/weighing approx 25-30kg including bike and usual gear.
My intention is catch trains from Beijing West to Urumqi (2nd October which is an overnighter) and then from Urumqi to Kashgar (3rd October which is also an overnighter).

I am aware China Rail do not allow bikes to be carried on and the difficulty I have is I require my bike when I get to Kashgar so I can commence my bike tour along KKH towards Islamabad. I have seen I could send my bike via a Consignment service via train but wanting to know how good/reliable the service is?

Would it be possible to send the bike DIRECT via China Rail consignment from Beijing to Kashgar (thus cutting out Urumqi for the consignment leg). I still have to catch the above two trains as there is no direct service. I understand China Rail consignment service also use the road networks to send luggage and freight hence the question.

I would also like to know the cost of the services - I suspect I will need to do a consignment at both
Beijing to Urumqi leg and
Urumqi to Kashgar leg

PS: I have considered all the other alternatives ie flying direct to Urumqi and then train to Kashgar, sending bicycle via international courier but they do not fit my plans.

Thanks in advance all, Mohson

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The Man in Seat 61 (a great website for train travel around the world) has a section on Luggage & Bikes on Trains in China - if you haven't done so already it may be worthwhile looking there.