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1. Posted by namankhats (Budding Member 2 posts) 5w Star this if you like it!

Going on a 3 week grad trip this summer (last week has to be in Vienna). I'm super indecisive and can't figure and itinerary out.
I'm a person who loves doing things and getting around, especially adventure or new Activites. Want to do EU specific things but without drabby museums and the sort. How do I plan a good itinerary.
Presently confused between Budapest - Barcelona - Palma - Rome - Vienna
Budapest - Slovenia - West Austria - Vienna
Please help me figure out an itinerary and modes of travel and stay

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3. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member 165 posts) 4w Star this if you like it!

When we travel we have our interests in mind or what's the point of travel.

You need to pin point what you want to see and start from there.

3 weeks is not long enough to see everything on your itinerary.

You need two days to even have one full day in a location.

Hungary is beautiful you could spend two weeks there traveling around the country not just Budapest which of course is wonderful. They have free city walks which you can just turn up for.

Rome definitely a must, but full of history is this your thing?

Barcolona the Gaudi cathedral still not finished but well worth a visit.

Austria, walking mountainous country, great place to hike and ski.

I would go to Prague I love history the buildings are fabulous.

I know where I would go but it's your decision, do your research based on what makes you happy.

I assume Grad means graduation in which case you have years ahead to travel.


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If your last week is in Vienna then you have two weeks for other stuff. Most people visiting Europe for the first time try to see all the "best" places in one trip. You will see the inside of a lot of trains and end up with a lot of pictures that look like everyone else's except you will be in front of the Eiffel Tower/Coliseum/Sagrada Familia instead of them. Unless you never expect to return this is always a mistake.

I would start out focusing on places that are close to Vienna. For major cities that means Bratislava, Salzburg, Budapest, Prague, Munich. In two weeks you could probably see all of those. However there are countless amazing places within that circle that you have likely never heard of such as Český Krumlov. I think it is silly to go all the way to Barcelona or Rome when there is so much to see that is closer. Rent a car if possible so that you can easily visit smaller villages and have freedom of mobility.

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I think I've narrowed it down a bit.

20-24 June Budapest - Walking around the city, staying in a party hostel.

24-26 - Maribor - Lent Festival

26-27 - Dolenjske Toplice or any other spa town. (Just one day for the experience) - recommendations?

27-30 - ljubljana/Lake Bed (Suggestions on what to do around - ideally adventurous)

30-3 - A town to Ski in (where I can learn a bit too, I've quite average at it). I don't know where to go for this though. Somewhere near Slazburg or within Slovenia itself? What places will have skiing in the summer.

3-12 July Vienna.

Please help me out b/w 26 June - 3 July in narrowing down activities and places. Also, how do I travel between the places (I can only drive 2wheelers, not cars).

6. Posted by leics2 (Travel Guru 724 posts) 4w Star this if you like it!

>24-26 - Maribor - Lent Festival

Have you booked your accommodation or checked what's available? Maribor is not a large city and it's likely that most accommodation for the festival is already booked.

>What places will have skiing in the summer.

Nowhere in Slovenia. The Hintertux glacier is the only place which offers summer skiing in Austria.

>Also, how do I travel between the places

Possibly budget flights from wherever you're starting from and possibly returning to Vienna. Otherwise train, long-distance bus and local bus.

Use to find all flights & fares for your dates and route. Book on the airline's own website.

Use the official German railway website to find times and details for almost all European trains, with fares for and from Germany. To find fares for other routes use the official railway website for each country. All have English language pages.




Long-distance buses are cheaper than trains but usually take longer. Look at It includes most, though by no means all, long-distance bus companies.

Bus travel within Slovenia:

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