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11. Posted by Peter (Admin 6704 posts) 3w Star this if you like it!

Hi cecilecutblues, that's excellent information! A lot to think about.

Our main intention is to stay somewhere near Mount Fuji for 2-3 days. The loop is not required. The pirate ship sounds like a lot of fun, so I think we'd like to try to do that.

Kawaguchiko itself is not a requirement. It's just the town that I most see recommended to visit. If there are other nearby towns that would make a nice stay and give us a chance of seeing Mt Fuji, I'd be interested to know. What is your favourite of the towns in the five lakes area?

12. Posted by cecilecutblues (Full Member 44 posts) 3w 1 Star this if you like it!

Hi, Peter.

I personally think that doing Hakone and Kawaguchiko together without a car is totally doable, but can require a bit of hassle with little kids. Hakone has also many viewpoints of Mt. Fuji too. And I also like Fuji 5 lakes area... it's up to you. I just thought of the following itineraries.

Day 1:
- Kyoto - Odawara (2hr by Hikari Shinkansen, 3hr by Kodama Shinkansen)
- Odawara- Motohakone (1hr by bus)

  • Stay at Motohakone area (a viewpoint of Mt. Fuji in Hakone)

Day 2:
- Explore Motohakone area depending on your interests (Toonsarah's blog has lots of info around this area!)
- Pirate ship from Hakone Port to Togendai
* Route A: continue your travel along Hakone loop after pirate ship.
- Bus to Souunzan, cable car or bus to Gora, Open Air Museum around Gora area
Hakone Tozan line (a lot of switchbacks and hydrangea flowers) from Gora to Hakone Yumoto
Shopping of some treats around Hakone Yumoto
(My favorite is Yumochi sold at Chimoto. https://wagashipix.tumblr.com/post/71630925995/chimotos-yumochi )
Going to Tokyo via Odawara (if you have JR Pass) or Odakyu line.
- You can stay another night along the loop or Odawara and explore Odawara on the following day. It has a castle and you can wear Samurai armors and Japanese princess costumes for 500yen at the castle park. It has a fisher port so you can enjoy fresh seafood there too.
* Route B: from Togendai, take a bus to Gotemba station or Gotemba Premium Outlet (1hr)
Gotemba to Kawaguchiko by bus (1hr)

Kyoto to Mishima (2hrs by Hikari shinkansen, 3hrs by Kodama Shinkansen)
Transfer to JR Tokaido line (local train) to Atami (15mins)
- Stay at Atami (it also has onsen)
Explore around Atami for a day or half a day.
Go back to Mishima and take a bus to Kawaguchiko (1.5hrs)
- You can also take a short trip to Numazu area where there's an aquarium of deep-sea fishes at the seaport.
This museum exhibits 5 zoological specimens of frozen coelacanthes.
The port area also has a taproom of Baird Beer, a local microbrewery in Shizuoka area.

For Fuji 5 areas, here's a list of my favorite places;

- Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen shrine; A beautiful shrine in sacred forest, and it has a gate that lead to Mt. Fuji trail. (It was an old pilgrimage path to the summit of Mt. Fuji.)
- Panorama dai (Yamanakako): The view from this point is spectacular if weather is clear.
- Shiraito Falls

And if you want to go cycling, Kawaguchiko is the best place where I listed. It's almost flat to go around Kawaguchiko. If you want to go to Saiko lake, there's a very steep hill between the two lakes so be careful. (I did a marathon along both lakes.)

If you are not doing Kawaguchiko and Hakone together, you can definitely do Kawaguchiko as a day trip. In order to catch a good view of Mt. Fuji, check the live camera of Fuji 5 lake areas before you wing it.

13. Posted by Peter (Admin 6704 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

I've had a long hard look at these options and am considering the following, spent over 4 nights in the area:

Kyoto -> Atami, then spending 2 nights there (maybe at Atami Koro). Really love the idea of spending a couple of nights at the ocean.

Atami -> Kawaguchiko, 2 nights probably at Daikokuya Mt Fuji

Kawaguchiko -> Tokyo, 1 night before leaving Japan.

I'm still a bit stuck on visiting Lake Ashi though and am wondering; is it a good idea to do a day trip from Atami between the two nights stay? It's only 30 mins drive according to my map research, but train / bus seems to go via Odawara and take forever. Is there no direct bus route to Lake Ashi?

Failing that, we might reconsider and go back to spending 2 nights at Lake Ashi. Prices there also seem considerably higher than Atami which works against it.

14. Posted by cecilecutblues (Full Member 44 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

There're direct bus lines between Atami and Motohakone.

Atami-> Motohakone

Motohakone -> Atami

The numbers in bold letters show hour, and other numbers show minutes.
Yellow: Timetable for weekdays, Green: that for Saturdays, Red: for Weekends and national holidays.
It takes about 1hrs + a little more depending on traffic.

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