I want to go to Iceland anybody want to join?

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I have been thinking about going to Iceland but I don’t know how to move around or what I need any ideas ?

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>what I need

What you need depends on a) what time of year you visit and b) what you intend to do. Iceland has lots of operators offering a huge variety of activities: hiking, climbing, whale-watching, quad-biking, diving, horse-riding and many more.

Many people think Iceland is covered in ice and snow year-round, and always cold. It simply is not. Iceland has four seasons and, like many northerly islands, the weather can and does change very quickly. Chilly wet weather can very quickly change into warm, sunny weather...and back again...within the same day. You can check average temps here: https://www.holiday-weather.com/reykjavik/averages/ but remember averages are only averages. Whenever you visit you should pack for all types of weather.....except frost and snow in the summer months!

If you visit in the summer months you'll need clothes you can layer and remove as and when (e.g. t-shirt plus shirt plus fleece top), good waterproof outerwear, sensible footwear, scarf, gloves, hat...and sunglasses. If you want to walk or hike you'll obviously need good boots or walking shoes.

If you visit in winter (when there is *much* less daylight) you'll need warmer layers, warm waterproof outerwear, scarf, gloves, hat and warm, water-resistant footwear. There are more limited options for walking and hiking in winter because of the lack of daylight and the weather.

>I don’t know how to move around

Iceland is expensive. For everything...food, accommodation, excursions, car hire and public transport. You have three options:

a) Use the regular excursions which run year-round from Reykjavik. There are lots of potential options e.g. https://www.re.is/day-tours/

b) Hire a vehicle and drive yourself.

c) Use the long-distance bus routes to get from place to place around the island:


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When people come to iceland for the first time, they often fall in to the biggest tourist traps.
The International airport is on an peninsula, where our capital city of Reykjavík is close by.
So where does the tourism industry place it's traps? In the south part of Iceland. Let's say South-west part of it.
So if you really want to see and experience Iceland, come in August and spend at least a week driving around the Iceland. It has a so-called ring road.
The ring road is only about 1330km and all of that paved road.
My best advices I can give you are the following:
Plan your trip with the mindset of staying away from big commercial travel agencies, tour operators and hotels. Support local guesthouse owners and day tour operators.
Use a rental car. Drive counter clockwise around Iceland.
Forget using a 4x4 rental to check out highland (F-roads). Use Day Tour Operators that will pick you up where you stay in each corner of the country. Do multiple day tours from the same base.
Use small guesthouses in the rural areas, farms that have been converted to guesthouses. (Do not use AirBNB, booking.com works better for Iceland)
So. You will land in Keflavík International Airport. To make things simpler for people they sometimes call it Reykjavík. But Kerflavík Int. Airport is about hour away from Reykjavík.
Take a taxi or flybus from Keflavík Int. Airport to Reykjavík and stay overnight in Reykjavík. Next day get a rental and ...get away from Reykjavík as soon as you can.
I'm not listing points of interest, I'm more giving you a rough plan how to spend the time and how much time in each part of the country.
Drive the South coast ringroad, spend 1 night somewhere on the south coast. Spend next night in Höfn in Hornafjörður and consider a day tour with a local your operator there. Spend next two nights in Egilsstaðir (East Iceland). Drive to the fjords and visit the small villages. Then drive to Lake Myvatn area in North East Iceland and spend 3 days there. It's where you want to have your base and use local tour operators to take you into the highland for example. Then drive to Siglufjörður (North Iceland) and spend a night there (it's a detour from the ring road around the Tröllaskagi peninsula but it is well worth it.) Now make up your mind if you want to visit all the peninsulas on the north coast or just continue the ringroad. Save the West fjords (North west corner of Iceland) for your next visit to Iceland, it just takes so much time and it's all very similar deep fjords and lot of driving). Stay next night somewhere close to Snæfellsnes peninsula because you want to driver around it. Snæfellsnes peninsula is nice, stay there for one night. Then continue to Reykjavík to return the rental car and fly home from Keflavík
I don't mention any of the Interesting places to stop at and all the detours you can make on your way, that is up to you to research and find out about

Best regards from Iceland!
Kristinn Ingi Pétursson

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