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Hey TP! So here's a wild plan of mine: I'd love to spend some 6+ months in the MENA region. Having (solo) visited/lived temporarily in Egypt, Jordan, OPT, Israel and UAE I quite know some parts of the region, but I have many more to discover. The idea is like backpacking in Southeast Asia, but in another part of the world and with maaaaany different circumstances (well aware of that, don't worry :)). So, main question: Has anyone of you experience with a long-term travel/stay in several countries in the region?

My itinerary, if feasible, would be: Morocco, Algeria (not sure), Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, Iran, Jordan (mainly for Jordan trail), Lebanon and maybe eventually ending up in Turkey, starting from September onwards considering the comfortable weather circumstances in winter. I could do wwoofing or work for NGOs as a volunteer (at least for part of my +/- month per country), and travel around for the rest.

What do you think of the countries/itinerary and the wwoofing/volunteering idea? Do you have any experience or do you know of people which did a same kind of trip?

Major thanks!

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Quoting Claudia2402

What do you think of the countries/itinerary and the wwoofing/volunteering idea?

The daughter of our good friends wwoofed around for a while 10 years ago in New Zealand and Ireland. Those 2 destinations paved the way for further wwoofing gigs but it seemed, at least at that time and in her experience, finding gigs in NZ and IRE was easier than in the part of the world you are thinking of wwoofing in.

Of course, that may be different now, 10 years on. Have you paid into the wwoofing program for each country you wish to wwoof in? Are the gigs really sought after in those countries? In the case of their daughter, she could not get gigs in that part of the world, even with the experience she had from other wwoofing gigs - there just weren't enough to support all the folks looking to wwoof in that area.

I remember their daughter saying most of the gigs 10 years ago were very difficult to come by in countries that were either outside Europe, included most (not all) countries in North America, in Australia, New Zealand OR in countries WITHOUT a substantial expat population. In effect, there just weren't many gigs or assignments to be had outside the continents I just mentioned. Only certain countries in South America were ripe areas for wwoofing at that time, too. Again, it may be a totally different story these days in North Africa and the Middle East. I suspect there may be big(?) expat populations in Egypt, Turkey and Morocco?

Unless all of that has changed (and perhaps it indeed has) maybe NGOs would be a better choice?

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3. Posted by Claudia2402 (Budding Member 3 posts) 6w Star this if you like it!

Thank you!! I know Wwoofing is probably way easier in NZ, Australia or anywhere in Europe, but I have seen some bloggers who did it (i.e. in Morocco) or farms who were looking for wwoofers. If you have any tips for NGOs which could use a 2-week volunteer, I'm really open for any suggestions ;)

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No probs - happy to help you.

Sorry, I haven't any tips as far as NGOs.... Maybe you can start another thread on that?.... Perhaps someone else on the forum knows?....

Indeed, wwoofing in Morocco is quite likely easy due to the expat population and I wish I'd have included Israel in my first comment along with the 3 other countries I mentioned. Not sure if Israel is popular with expats however, but I suspect wwoofing jobs are numerous there for other reasons.

Can you browse the available wwoofing assignments before signing up with the service? Sometimes, similar types of services make you pay before you can peruse the possibilities fully. Let me know.

Good luck to you!

5. Posted by Claudia2402 (Budding Member 3 posts) 6w Star this if you like it!

Yep you can - through the wwoofing website you can find a number of introductions of farms and projects. Not so much info as you need to be logged in, but at least they exist :)


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I am flying to Europe in Nov. If your days are flexible we can plan something.