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Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice and suggestions about a journey I would like to do. on 13th October I will do 10 years with my boyfriend and we want to do a trip. Because of job we could do at most a long weekend from Thursday night to Sunday. The place we want to visite is Morocco. Could do you have some tips to give me? aaaaaaaaaaaah..the last will be a cheap not hotel 6 stars :D
thanks so much

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Without knowing how you intend to enter and leave Morocco ( air or sea crossing from Spain) it's impossible to advise on specifics, and three days is not very long, so a visit to just one city would be feasible.

So I would recommend Tangier, it has lots of interesting sights, cheap hotels in the Medina, lots of discotheques bars and night clubs, and a clean beach with camel and pony rides.

My Travellerspoint blogs might give you more detailed information, with lots of pictures.....

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I believe there is a way to post a live link to your blog articles.

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Simply remove the text you see within the brackets and paste in the travellerspoint URL between the brackets.

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Hope this helps....

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Testing to see if Road to Roam's suggestion works......

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Thanks Road to Roam, your suggestion works fine, so for ease of access here is the rest of my Tangier stuff...

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I did not read posts 6 or 7 before they were deleted in short order, so I expect they will be the usual Moroccan tour companies of dubious reliability and honesty touting for business, this is quite commonplace on other travel websites such as Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor and contrary to forum rules on self-promotion. From long experience of travelling in Morocco these touts can be quite convincing in their presentations to a newcomer to Morocco, the home of tricksters and profligate people, whose only ambition is to line their pockets at the expense of gullible tourists.

It's entirely possible to organise your own tour after reading up on a guide book such as Rough Guide to Morocco or Lonely Planet, thereby dispensing with the dubious services of greedy entrepreneurs, also you can find Tourist Offices throughout the main cities who can offer advice on local tours by official guides with a government awarded licence who will always be wearing a laminated plastic badge with their photograph and licence number, anybody not presenting these credentials is a "false guide" and to be avoided like the plague, these will usually try to divert you to carpet shops or herbalists where they will receive substantial commission to be collected long after you have gone, but which was added surreptitiously to the price you paid for any purchase.

In Morocco if an attractive offer seems too good to be true, it usually is!

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