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Hi all ,first time posters , in October this year my misses and myself will be doing the Rhine River cruise from Budapest Hungary to Amsterdam ,just wandering what the temperature could be at that time . Have any of you done the trip then ,what exiting things to look out for ,best food you had at the different restaurants along the way ,cheers John.;)

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If you are doing a traditional river cruise, most of the time you will be eating on the ship or at places booked by the ship

We were in the Netherlands in April and we had rain, snow and sleet and sometimes it was very windy. In October for that itinerary you are going north so it will probably get colder as you go and may be rainy. Take good raingear and warm clothing - layers so you can adjust.

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>Rhine River cruise from Budapest Hungary to Amsterdam
what exiting things to look out for

The Rhine does not flow through Budapest or anywhere near it. So I assume you're taking one of the river cruises which use the Danube, the Main and finally the Rhine? If so, Regensburg, Nuremburg, Bamburg and Wurzburg are all very historical cities, each worth as much exploration of their old town as you can fit in.

There's always lots to see when you're cruising a river, not least the other river traffic, but the stretch from Rudesheim to Koblenz (another historical city well worth exploring) is particularly interesting with lots of vineyards and castles en route...and the Lorelei, of course!

>,just wandering what the temperature could be at that time

No-one can be certain: temperatures and weather in October can and do vary widely. You may be lucky and have some warmish, sunny days which allow you to just wear t-shirts during the afternoon or you may (especially if you are used to a warm climate) need several layers and warm, waterproof outerwear. Temperatures will drop as the sun goes down and will take quite a while to go up after sunrise. You can get a rough idea of potential max/min temps by googling 'climate averages' plus the place name e.g. Budapest. Temperatures on water are always lower than on land, especially if it's windy.

I'd be amazed if you didn't have rain and rainy days, some possibly heavy, but at least the chance of frost, sleet and/or snow in October is minimal. :-)

You do need to pack clothes you can layer for warmth, including light fleeces, woollen jumpers and suchlike. A warm, waterproof coat or jacket (preferably with a hood) is essential, as are comfortable, water-resistant shoes or boots for walking. Many places you'll visit en route still have cobbled streets in their old towns and imo there's nothing worse than chilly, wet feet!

Hat. scarf and gloves, plus an umbrella (useless if it's windy, hence the need for a hood) and sunglasses (fingers crossed!).

As for eating places, I suspect that you'll mostly be eating on the boat but you'll find plenty of options anywhere the (numerous) river cruises moor up. Do try to explore local foods rather than sticking to the tried-and-tested international stuff (e.g. burgers, fries etc), which you'll find everywhere.

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Thanks for the replies ,will take information on board (clothing needed) ,most meals will be onboard ,but hoping to have a few meals in cafe .

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"Cafes" in the German-speaking culture are, unlike in Australia, places mostly for coffee/tea and sweet stuff like cakes, icecream and pastries, most have just a few small lunch dishes on the menu. Usually they close at 6 p.m. Hence not the best choice for meals. I absolutely recommend a visit to a traditional German or Austrian "Konditorei" or "Café" in the afternoon for "Kaffee und Kuchen" (coffee and cake), though.

For full meals, better look for restaurants, inns, pubs, bistros etcetera.

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If possible you'd try a tipical german or austrian "Wirtshaus" or "Gasthaus". This are restaurants with tipical dishes.

For the weather: the more northern you go the colder and rainier it gets. But if you are lucky you could have a few very "Golden Octobre"-days.