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Hi just a bit of a heads up

We are looking at traveling around Asia and Australia while the kids are off school on the 6weeks holiday July-sept ,we are a family of 4 from the uk and just hoping some of yous on here and give us a bit of advice.

We want to start off in Thailand and do Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and finish off in Australia,

Best routes

Best for booking flights hotels etc?

Many thanks

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Six weeks is a bit tight for just Australia, let alone the rest. Some idea of the ages of your children would help as would an idea of what you like to do. Diving the Great Barrier Reef, walking around the various temples of Angkor Wat, wandering around Bangkok, visiting the war graves and the Bridge Over the River Kwai, trekking to the rice terraces of Batad, swimming with whale sharks, meeting the quokkas on Rottnest Island, feeding the jumping crocodiles on the South Adelaide River, sitting on a beach in Bali or meditating in Ubud?

Once you get to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, there are budget airlines to get you around the area - Scoot, Air Asia, Jetstar - cheaper but not as luxurious or as reliable as the national carriers.

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I trust you appreciate that July-sept is rainy season in most of S.E.Asia.
So although that may just mean 1 hour heavy rain per day , it could mean 24 hours of heavy rain some days depending on how lucky you are.

As Borisborough says, that's a really big area to cover in only 6 weeks.
There won't be any allowance for jetlag, the intense heat (some days/places), or anyone feeling a big under the weather with maybe a cold or stomach...
You could easily spend 6 weeks in just Australia or Thailand/ & Cambodia.

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Where do you recommend going to Europe?

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Quoting Justify

Where do you recommend going to Europe?

This thread is about SE Asia and Australia - to discuss Europe, please start a new thread.

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Thanks for the replies

I know 6 weeks is very tight but was seeing our best options, as my wife wont be able to get 6 weeks off work again.

At the moment I think we are going to Bangkok for a few days then Phuket and krabi then on to Bali and then to meet family in Australia.

My kids are 12 and 8 This is a one off trip for us all so want to make as many memories as possible.

What budget would you recommend to live off each day......living quite well

Thanks :)

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Or if anyone can recommend the best places to see around Asia with the time of year with the weather ?

Would you just travel around Australia??


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I think you'll find it much better to have reduced the number of countries on your list. Time spent on aircraft is both tiring, rather wasted and can be stressful (not always).

How long do you want to be in Aus (or need to be with family) and will you be in just one place?

Lots of people break their journey each way, so maybe leave Bali for the return journey.
But Aus or Bali to the UK is a long way so not much (if any) benefit. your choice.

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Hi Daniel

As the others have said there's a lot to fill your time in either Aus or SE Asia. Myself, being a cheapskate, I'd let the flight prices guide me and take the available stopovers en route to Australia. A round-trip ticket may be a lot cheaper than separate singles or shorter legs. So this may mean for example that the cheapest stopover is Bangkok due to that being that airline's hub, so you could see the city outbound and take a short hop on the way back from BKK to Phuket or Krabi. Or flying via Kuala Lumpur puts you at AirAsia's hub and you could do a couple of regional hops on either outbound or return leg.

As that's the rainy season for a lot of the places you're interested in, I'd put the emphasis on Aus this trip and just have some short taster stopovers in Asia.

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