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We are going to do a cruise from Budapest Hungary to Amsterdam in the Netherlands in oct ,with a stopover in Singapore on the way ,at the end of the cruise we have a short stay in Amsterdam then catching train to Kiel in Germany on the Baltic Sea ,. Has anyone stayed in Kiel ,if so what did you do ,where did you go to ,sightseeing ect ,will will be there for 3 days . In Singapore on the way home we will be there for 3 days also any suggestions on what to see and do ,and is there a 24hr baggage lockers at the airport so that we can sightsee without having to lug around our bags ,cheers John.

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Kiel - it's the hometown of my mother and as a kid I spent lots of time there at Grandma's house. My views are a bit nostalgic, though, I haven't been for decades... I hear that a lot has changed with the extension of the cruise and ferry port. Kiel's centre has been smashed to bits in World War II and rebuilt after the war. The nicer parts are further out of the centre.

Any way, here are a couple of things that our family loved and that still exist:

Molfsee open-air museum village with original historical houses, windmills, farm buildings etc. from all over Schleswig-Holstein, all fully furnished and equipped in order to show how people used to live in the countryside and on the coast 100, 200, 300 years ago: https://freilichtmuseum-sh.de/en/homepage Reachable by bus.

Ship spotting by the locks of Kiel Canal, one of the busiest artificial waterways in the world. Webcam: https://www.kielmonitor.de/webcam/schleuse-holtenau/(sorry, lousy weather today)
Again, reachable by city bus.

In addition to normal road buses, the public transport network includes several lines of "water buses" on the bay. The finest boat ride is out to Laboe, where the bay opens into the Baltic Sea. See the Navy Memorial (climb up if you can, the view over the coastline is spectacular) and the museum submarine. Websites are unfortunately in German only but they will give you an idea: https://www.laboe.de/marine-ehrenmal.html and https://deutscher-marinebund.de/marine-ehrenmal-u-995/marine-ehrenmal/ Laboe also has the cute old fishing port and a wide beach of fine white sand. It won't be warm enough for swimming in October but a walk by the waterside is beautiful, weather permitting.

Kiel is also a good base for day trips by train into the beautiful landscapes of Holsatian Switzerland with their rolling hills and countless lakes, for example to Plön or Malente.

The top destination for a day trip is, of course, the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. This really should not be missed. About 1:10 h by train.

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Thanks Kathryn ,my partners relos lived in Suchsdorf ,and going to see if it is the same as she remembers :)

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Suchsdorf, ah yes, that's a suburb on the canal by the high bridge. For ship-spotting, all it takes is going for a little walk.

Grandma used to live more centrally, in the quarter called Düsternbrook. We often went for walks through the parks and down to the shore of the bay.