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I will be having 3days stopover in Singapore in November this year ,,for those of you that have been their or live there what do you suggest are the must see places to visit while there for the 3days

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Not everyone likes to do the same things. Below link for Singapore is from this forum.

Why not do some simple research and decide what interests you. (Shopping, eating, going on tours, drinking, etc.)

Buy a printed travel guide and read some of the advice in those guides.

Singapore is easy to visit. NO real need for any special company to plan things out for you! Millions and millions of tourists successfully visit Singapore on their own! Singapore is easy to do on your own!

Have fun.

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I'd have a wander round the downtown sights - see the Marina Bay Sands hotel (built like a cruise ship on top of three skyscrapers), Gardens by the Bay, the Merlion, and the Raffles Hotel.

My favourite thing was a roof tour at the Marina Bay Sands. There's a public observation deck but additionally they give tours of the guests-only area including rooftop infinity pool.

The zoo is also very popular, including their Night Zoo events.

If you like beaches and theme parks take a look at Sentosa Island.

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And, of course, Gardens of the Bay. Very touristy, but the light show in the evening is beautiful.

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The Hawkers food centres are excellent in both quality and price.

Tea in the Tiffin tea room at Raffles is a surprisingly good late afternoon with good (strong) tea and a nice buffet which wasn't expensive by Singapore standards, and a very nice break from the heat.

The Marina Sands is really impressive (why spend money on their Ferris wheel when this place gives such a great view).

Singapore is really a place for an R&R break on a long journey.
Not really IMO a destination in its self.

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Singapore Where to Start LOL
3 days will let you have ample time to explore
My Advice would be to get a Tourist 3 day MRT Pass, you can return it and get a deposit back or keep it as a keepsake (or if your like me and keep going back it comes in handy as you can top up at any MRT station. The MRT will get you almost everywhere in Singapore, and as it is mostly underground it will keep you out of the heat and Afternoon storms.
depending on when in November you will be there you should head to Orchard Road at Night as the Christmas decorations will be up and they are a sight to behold,
As mentioned in previous posts Raffles is a must but go to the Long bar the home of the Singapore sling
Marina Bay Rooftop bar is a good place to get a view of the city. Hawkers centers are good for Food
ChinaTown and Little India have great food and Temples
Sentosa is the Tourist Mecca with Theme Parks and attractions
but the best advice i can give you is get the Lonely Planet Handbook for Singapore, It has server me well

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I took a side trip to Malacca about 3.5 hours away. I thought it was interesting. Google type search will give you particulars.

I used a tour to save time. From hotel to Malacca and return to hotel. Lots of companies do this.

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