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Hello / Halo / Buongiorno / Bonjour,

Can anyone please offer any comments on a good unlocked phone to use for international travel?

Thanks very much, greatly appreciated.

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The phone shouldn't make much difference. The phone plan is what you need. For the last five or six years I've used LeFrench Mobile. I bought a SIM card from them that I put in first my older phone and later in my MotoX Plus when I got it a couple years ago.

LeFrench Mobile has very good rates in most of the world and they let you keep your phone number which was the selling point for me. I have a very inexpensive USA SIM card that I use at home but everyplace else, I use the LeFrench Mobile SIM card. It's very easy to put in and take out. It is a pay-as-you-go plan so you only buy what you need. The money you put on the account is saved and when you aren't using the phone, there is a 90 euro cents a month fee. For less than one euro a month, it is worth it for me to be able to keep my phone number.

One caveat . . . if you travel outside Europe, their data plan is not covered so you don't have data outside Europe. I only use it in Europe so that hasn't been a problem. It might be for others. The phone can be used anyplace, just not the data so it depends on how you use your phone.

To answer your original question, nearly any phone will work for international travel, an iPhone or a smart phone. Some are probably easier to use than others, but you will see all kinds of phones all over the world. I've currently got a MotoPlus by Motorola and it takes great photos and works perfectly as a phone. I can check email and log onto the Internet with it and love it for its GPS function. If you have a smart phone you like, see if it's unlocked. If it is, just get a SIM card (or cards) to use it wherever you travel. That way you are used to the phone and used to using it.

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