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1. Posted by Madi_91 (Budding Member 2 posts) 39w Star this if you like it!

I’m looking for a travel buddy I’m 28 Female looking to travel Thailand for the dates of 18th dec to jan 15th if anyone is interested can you let me know :)

2. Posted by Andrew Mack (Travel Guru 1037 posts) 39w Star this if you like it!

Hi Madi 91, I'm not directly answering your request as it's both unlikely I'll be there then, and you don't want to travel with an old bloke, but I'll give some advice anyway :)
I'm assuming you haven't visited Thailand before, so forgive me if you have and this is all obvious to you already.

It's good to travel with a buddy (the right travel buddy as the wrong one can make it difficult), and Thailand is probably the easiest country in the world to travel solo.

You'll be there in high season so accommodation will be more expensive than usual Thai prices but there's lots of accommodation (Hotels, guest houses, hostels and Airbnb). However you may find the best locations are full at this time of year so you may be a bit further from the action than you'd hoped to be.

There are always lots of travellers there (even low/rainy season) and if you hang around travellers areas then you'll speak to lots of people who are going or have been to the same places that you're intending to go to.

I'd recommend you get a copy of a good backpacker guide book (even if you're not a backpacker, they have the best info for travelling) like 'Rough Guide' or Lonely Planet' and have a good read of it before travelling. It really shows how easy Thailand is.
This will also help;

Most of the horror stories about Thailand come from either drunk or stoned girls (occasionally guys) who don't understand that the same precautions they take at home are wise elsewhere in the world, or people that are far too trusting. So don't get blind drunk, stay away from drugs, don't walk down dark alleys at night, don't dress like a hooker, and remember someone isn't your best most trusted friend just because you've travelled with them for a few days (obviously they aren't completely untrustworthy either!).
You will get offered drugs but there's a fair chance there's a policeman round the corner waiting to give you a big (maybe cutting the holidays short level 'big') fine for his pension fund, and a remote chance you could see the inside of a Thai jail for some years (or worse). Really not worth the risks involved.

There are quite a few threads on here with more detailed info, or if you have questions then don't be embarrassed to ask.

With a bit of common sense you'll have a really great time.

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3. Posted by Madi_91 (Budding Member 2 posts) 39w Star this if you like it!

That’s super helpful to be honest ! I am looking to travel solo but my ma would rather I travel with someone ! I think I may change the months I go in though as I don’t fancy lying extra or missing out on great locations !
I’ll have a look in to lonely planet and about backpacking ! :)

Thank again :)

4. Posted by Andrew Mack (Travel Guru 1037 posts) 39w Star this if you like it!

The quietist time is rainy season which is May-Oct or June-Sept depending on pure chance.
Rainy usually means an hours heavy rain in the afternoon and then an hour later everywhere is dry (apart from Jungle & Jungle roads), however it can occasionally mean heavy rain pretty much 24/7 which is tough to deal with when your travel time is limited.
So you could risk a bit of Oct and Nov, or Nov-Dec and come back mid Dec when the holiday over xmas families appear. Alternatively anytime Feb to May, but it does get extremely hot on the run up to the monsoons.

Even if you travel with a suitcase, pack as light as possible.
Most people take far too much 1st time.
Pretty much everything is available there and usually much cheaper than the UK, so you don't need to fly in with a months worth of anti-perspirant and you'll probably find your UK summer t-shirts are too thick for the immense heat. A cheap T-shirt there costs between £4 and £7.50 and you will want some for the sake of it anyway.
Do not be a fashion victim. A designer T-shirt drenched in sweat is indistinguishable from a cheap one, and no one cares about them (except maybe the guy who thinks it's a sign he can charge you more for his product).
I've known people take too much stuff in, and they've then left bits behind because they can't fit in the new stuff they've bought.

Similarly the usual first timer problem is that they plan to fit far too much into their tour, which turns it into a bit of an endurance event. You will need chill days for jetlag and heat acclimatisation, plus the odd day when you're just plain exhausted from too much travel or too much partying.
Better to stay in one place a bit longer and learn more about it, than cram in 2 places and remember little about the 2nd place except the exhaustion. You can come back next year to see the 2nd place properly.
Do have a look at a few older threads about TH on here. There really is some excellent info like Scanning and emailing all travel docs (& passport) to yourself, so if something goes wrong you can access them from any computer. Stuff like getting a replacement passport at the embassy is so much easier with a copy of the lost passport.
Similarly there's very good info about access to money/cars etc.
When you have a rough Idea of the places you want to see, come back and you'll get more specific advice.

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5. Posted by Andrew Mack (Travel Guru 1037 posts) 39w Star this if you like it!

Sorry I forgot to mention 2 things.

Firstly, a Guidebook is a Guide. It's not 'gospel' as things can change real quick.

and second, Although there are plenty of 'Look at me, aren't I cool' travel vloggers on YouTube, there are also some really good ones with useful info. If you want somewhere to start then have a look at psychotraveller who lived in Thailand a few years back. You will need to scroll through a lot to get to the relevant stuff and things change (especially prices) but it should give you other suggested vloggers as well.