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Travelling to Europe in October /November ,just wanting to no how much it costs on average for instance ie cup of coffee,fish and chips ,a sit down meal ,or a taxi ride . Should add that we will mostly be in Germany (Kiel ,Berlin,) ,just working out my expenses,how much we need to take on a daily basis . Cheers John.

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'Europe' is a continent of 52 countries.

If by 'Europe' you mean the European Union (EU) countries, there are 28 of those.

There is no 'average' cost for any item across either the EU or Europe. Each country has its own standard of living, its own prices and ...in all non-EU and some EU countries...its own currency as well.

You can get a rough idea of prices in Germany on the link below. Numbeo has been around for a long time, its listings are pretty reliable and it gives a price range as well as the average for each item.


You can also search for specific cities. Capital and visitor-popular cities are of course always more expensive than rural areas,. Here's Berlin:


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Hi John

You should find consumer prices in Germany broadly the same as home. Western Europe broadly the same; travel into the former Eastern Bloc countries and prices mostly plummet.

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The general rule of thumb is to take half the clothes and twice the money that you think you will need.

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Drinking coffee and eating in Germany is cheap if I compare it with Switzerland. As a great alternative to the taxi I would recommend you to Uber. I was skeptical at first. But we have only good experiences and use even in Switzerland only Uber. Is cheap and convenient.

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German and Swiss cities are not cheap, if you stick to the smaller towns, the costs are a little lower, but not for a budget traveller by any means, Swizterland is more expensive than Germany.