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Quoting PrettyFunPlaces

Beau, the term "tour company" means just that: they take people on guided tours everywhere on their trip itinerary. Many tours are given by the company's tour director. If htey aren't at least the transportaiton will be provided from and back to the hotel. People need a "city center" hotel if they are traveling on their own but it is less important with a tour company. Also, don't think just because a hotel is not in the city center it is in a bad location. The hotel I stayed at in Venice is at the south end, but just a short ferry ride from St. Mark's Square.

It sounds to me like you have only ever used all inclusive tours. Have you never in all your research even come across tour companies where nearly everything is optional extras? There is alot of them out there and some are even big multi national brands. I have been on one of these tours and my mum has been on two. There was no transportation to city centre and hotel in fact one tour didn't have breakfast included. On my mum's tour most sightseeing was extra cost and there had to be a minimum number of participants (one day trip she really wanted didn't run because not enough people booked).

As for the location of accommodation the only reason I brought up my experiences was because it was something the OP expressed concern about. And I never said the locations were bad but it was in my opinion inconvenient as it limited sightseeing and dining options.

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PrettyFunPlaces, if you're going to advocate for tour companies could you please not repeatedly name-check one as it causes members to flag it as promotional.

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>the term "tour company" means just that: they take people on guided tours everywhere on their trip itinerary.

The term 'tour company' does not mean that at all. Look it up. You are basing your definition on your own limited experience and it is incorrect.

The term 'tour company' simply means a company which takes (for payment) a group of people from place to place on a set itinerary, organising the transport and accommodation en route. Payment may include full or part-day guided tours every day, on some days or on none at all; it may include all meals, some meals or none at all. Tour companies don't just use buses or minibuses: there are tours which involve short cruises, sailing trips, rail trips and/or internal flights as well.

There are a huge variety of tour company offerings. They range from the 'all-inclusive' type that you have experienced to those which provide only transport and accommodation on a set itinerary (generally accompanied by an employee who sorts out problems, gives info on where to eat/what to see etc)......and almost every variation possible between those two extremes.

But there's really no need for you to defend tour companies. No-one on this thread has said they are always a Bad Thing. We have simply pointed out their disadvantages, given our own opinions and expressed our own preferences.

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