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1. Posted by BrianBjol (Budding Member 2 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

Hi I’m new to this forum
My names Katrina and I’m from Australia so is my partner
We are planning a trip to Canada in December have not booked flights yet.
I recently filled in the eTa for my partner and said no to the criminal record question . My partner was charged with DUI 4 years ago also I unknowingly done this through a third party paid 102.20 AUD, the company is from Madrid , WorldVisa ETA. I have not applied for my ETA yet, I had a criminal record 33years ago for taking marijuNa into Gaol very small amount received only a fine and record of course. I have had a criminal check and there is nothing on my record now. No charges since. My question is
1. Do you think this company will actually process the eTa?
2. If he receives an eTa will they know he has a criminal record when we go through customs at Canada
3. I have not applied for my eTa yet should I say yes to the question, criminal record?
I thank you in advance

2. Posted by Andrew Mack (Travel Guru 996 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

Firstly it would have been easier to do it yourself rather than use an agency.

The Canadian Embassy has no access to the Aussie Police/Criminal database (maybe they share potential terrorist info, so you may have problems if your name is bin laden etc) so they won't know about this unless you give them a reason to make a special request for it.
However it will cause problems in the future if you ever need a full visa there, as they will want to see your criminal record and will know that you didn't tell the truth. This will also be a problem if they every get rid of the eTa system.
On top of this you'll need to keep you noses clean out there, so they don't have a reason to make a special request.
Finally there's a chance you may be called aside for random questioning.
This is just them fishing... So again only you can make them decide to ask the Aussie authorities for your info.
It's not wise to be untruthful but provided you are now upstanding citizens this is unlikely to cause you a problem.

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Always use the only official website:

And apply as early a possible. There are a lot of complaints that it takes too long.

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Hi All
It was a silly mistake using the third party for the eTa application. I thought it was the Canadian Government site.The company is very deceptive in this. Saying that I should of been more careful. Lesson learned.
My concern now is that they are a scamming company , why I was charged so much and won’t actually process the eTa. How can I check this? The processing number does not work on the Canadian site.

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I'd try to apply again via the right website. It's only 7 Dollar.