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I've just been looking into a trip some time in the next couple of years to take my history-loving wife to Pompeii for a long weekend.

Does anyone have any recommendations of airlines who do an enjoyable but cheap trip to that destination?

Also I've heard good things on a hotel booking site about Hotel Pompei Be Green which is nice and close. Can anyone back up thereviews? Is it worth getting a balconay room or would a standard double room be just as good?

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As you haven't said where you are flying from it's impossible for anyone to 'recommend an airline who do an enjoyable but cheap trip' to that destination, but I've looked at your profile and you say you're in the UK.

The nearest airport to Pompeii is Naples. Rome is also feasible: Rome to Naples by train only takes 1h 10m by high-speed train. Use to see which airlines serve Rome and/or Naples from whichever airport suits you best (Luton, perhaps? Or Stansted?)

I don't know the hotel you mention but, frankly, if I wanted to visit Pompeii (as I have done several times) I wouldn't stay in modern Pompei at all. I'd choose somewhere in Sorrento, which is so very, very much nicer (and more historically interesting) than modern Pompei and has easy access via the cheap, frequent Circumvesuviana commuter train to Pompeii (the station is directly opposite the entrance), Herculaneum (10 minutes' walk from Ercolano station and entirely different to Pompeii) and the magnificent Villa Poppaea (5 minutes' walk from Torre Annunziata station) as well as to Naples itelf. Central historical Naples is built on top of Graeco-Roman streets (up to two storeys high) and other buildings, some of which which visitors can access.

Personally, I like the Hotel Mignon Meuble in Sorrento but there are lots of other options. I suggest you look at the long-established and reliable to see what is available for your dates....not least because, unlike Tripadvisor, reviews can only be posted by people who have booked through the site and completed their stay.

The excellent Curreri company runs regular and reliable airport bus services from Naples Airport to Sorrento and places in between. Details in English on their site:

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As leics2 says, use one (or all) of the flight search engines like skyscanners, kayak etc but then check on the suggested airlines own site to see if you can get the same (or better) deal directly.
It can really help communicating directly with an airline booking dept if things go wrong.
Good luck.

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Thanks Andrew! I was just coming back to add my normal 'and then book on the airline's own website' ! I'd never advise anyone to book flights thrugh a third-party agency and have no idea why I didn't say so this time..old age, most prob. :-(

MalaChi: Easyjet, Ryanair and Jet2 fly direct to Naples from Luton and/or Stansted.

Ryanair flies direct to Rome Ciampino from Stansted (Rome has two international airports).

There are obviously other airlines which fly direct to both airports from e.g. Heathrow or Gatwick. That's why I suggest you look at skyscanner to see what's available.

More recommendations:

1. Unless you actively want to see Rome do try to fly into Naples. It's much easier and will also give you more time to explore.

2. It's best to avoid June to end of September. The weather is better for exploring outside the hottest months....Pompeii has very little shade and, being mostly stone, gets very hot indeed whereas Herculaneum, being in a hole, is not only very hot but also very humid. And, frankly, sharing the sites with thousands of others who visit in the summer months (tour groups, cruise groups, individuals) is neither fun nor atmospheric.

I've visited four times, twice in mid to late October, once in February and once in late March. I strongly suggest you plan your visit sometime between the beginning of October and the end of May.

3. Do try to get to Pompeii for its opening time. That way you'll (hopefully) experience at least some of the site before lots of other visitors arrive. During my February visit I got there for 8.30am and, for a couple of hours, shared the whole site with only about 10 other people......which was absolutely wonderful and more than worth the early start to get the Circumvesuviana from Sorrento. :-)

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Thanks for the feedback so far.

@Leics2 I figured the title: "Cheapest Flights London to Naples. / Hotel Pompeii Be Green" would have been enough to not then have to repeat myself in order to ascertain which country I was flying from, or indeed to.

Thankyou also for the Hotel suggestions although did recommend the one mentioned in my title.

I tend to follow the same routine as you mentioned when looking at flights. Looking at comparison sites and then going to the flight company's own site to check if they do the same deal any cheaper. I also do the same with hotels.

I was more looking for an inside perspective from other travellers on the quality of air services and whether or not the hotel I'd picked lived up to its review (I was reluctant to mention which site as I was unsure of how strict the rules about not advertising were and didn't want to contravene them by mentioning without asking about them.

Your tip about turning up early is invaluable and actually increases the attractiveness of the hotel I was looking as it's apparently 1.5 miles away meaning it's only a 40 minute walk from the hotel and would also be cheap and quick by taxi. The hotel also does a pickup service from Naples airport which would be useful. I may bear you hotel suggestion in mind as we may want to go again but it's only going to be a long weekend when we first visit and I want to minimise the amount of travel as my wife get tired easily so being as close to Pompeii - the main reason for our trip - as possible is a priority.

I guess I asked on here because I trust information from these forums more than I would, say, something on or a review on tripadvisor. (So it's also good to know that only people who've booked can review - I will trust reviews on there more from now on), Jet 2 was what I was looking at for flights. I don't lkie the way Ryanair does its business with all the hidden costs so it would probably be them or Easyjet. I just know that sometimes there might be a better option for the specific country like when I went to Köln with Lufthansa Lite or to Bratislava with Sky Europe (a brilliant company who sadly no longer exist). Also good to get an idea of what you get with a flight. I know Lufthansa are good even on budget flights and I know Easyjet but I've never flown with anyone else. How are Jet2 for flights? Any other, more specialised airlines between London and Naples? Stansted would be our closest international airport but we both love London so if a flight from any of the other airports is significantly cheaper we can always extend the holiday by having a couple of days in London beforehand and going to Gatwick or Heathrow.

It's all just something I'm bimbling around in my head for now but I'd like to make it a reality in the next couple of years.

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I do apologise for failing to read the full title of your question. I tend to focus on the question text. :-/

>Any other, more specialised airlines between London and Naples?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'specialised airlines'? There are budget airlines and there are mainstream airlines.........or do you mean an airline which offers package hols e.g. Tui and Thomas Cook? I'm not aware of any such packages though I know Easyjet offers flight + hotel deals. Might be worth a look? BA offers direct Gatwick > Naples flights but other mainstream airlines flying London >Naples involve a connection. That's why I suggested looking at to see what is available, though if you're looking a year+ ahead you should be aware that routes and airlines can and do change.

>an inside perspective from other travellers on the quality of air services

Having flown (in economy, obviously) to various destinations with the majority of airlines which serve the UK...though not, as yet, Jet2.... I have to say there's really very little to choose between them (I've flown with Lufthansa and found them no different to e.g. KLM, Alitalia, Royal Jordanian, Swiss, BA etc). Of the budget airlines I prefer Easyjet simply because I've generally found their staff & cabin crew to be very cheery (which is *not* to say e.g. Ryanair staff are dour or rude: in my experience they most certainly are not). There is so little difference between all the airlines for such a short flight that departure airport, cost and convenience of timings would be my primary considerations.

> whether or not the hotel I'd picked lived up to its review

I haven't stayed in the hotel you mention and wouldn't base myself in modern Pompei anyway, though I fully appreciate that it is your preference for a long weekend. But I have used almost exclusively for the past 10+ years (for hotels in the UK, in many other European countries, in Turkey and in the US) and have found each hotel to be exactly as I expected from the site's description and the relevant reviews (which, as I said, are far more reliable than those on Tripadvisor). I have not been disappointed and have had no problems whatsoever.

The hotel is actually only just over half a mile from the site entrance on Via Roma (there is another entrance further away, opposite the Circumvesuviana station). But if your wife tires easily even that walk before getting to Pompeii may prove too much for her. Pompeii really is a huge site which involves a lot of walking, almost all on fairly uneven Roman stones. So you may well be paying for taxis to and from the site rather than walking. If you want to include Herculaneum as well you'll need the Naples>Sorrento Circumvesuviana line and will probably need a taxi to and from Pompei Scavi- Villa dei Mysteri station, which is about 2 miles from the hotel by car.

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Sorry. I meant that sometimes there are smaller airlines which focus on a tighter geographic area. Sky Europe was one of these, when it ran it was based in Bratislava and focused mostly on return flights going to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and surrounding countries from major Western European airports. Sometimes the airlines with a smaller geographic range (rather than the ones covering the whole world) seem to do a better and cheaper service.

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I see.

I'm not aware of any such airlines though skyscanner *will* show them if they exist. SkyEurope ceased to function in 2009 and, ten years on, it's even more difficult for small airlines to Europe, at least. I doubt any small airline would be able to undercut the larger budget airlines on a regular basis.

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Quoting MalaChi

I just know that sometimes there might be a better option for the specific country like when I went to Köln with Lufthansa Lite or to Bratislava with Sky Europe (a brilliant company who sadly no longer exist).

If you are looking for more obscure airlines try and put in your desired route. I found them useful when planning my trip around Polynesia as they showed me airlines that don't normally show up on the most commonly used aggregating sites. Google Flights at the time was also good at turning up some obscure airlines though they don't display the prices for them. But at least you will know they exist and can visit their individual website for prices. Though some obscure airlines don't have an English website so you may a translate app to navigate the site.

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I already checked flightconnections and the only direct flights UK >Naples are operated by the airlines already mentioned. Other airlines do offer indirect flights but they're not really ideal for a long weekend.

The official Naples airport site lists the airlines it serves:

as do all, or almost all, EU airport websites. I doubt there are any 'obscure' airlines, other than private charter airlines, which operate within, or from, Europe but aren't listed on skyscanner.

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