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Leaving for my honeymoon next Tuesday. We were supposed to spend two night in Hong Kong, then fly to Sam Fransisco. Obviously with everything happening in Hong Kong, we may have to reconsider. My question is, on the Esta we said we were arriving from Hong Kong on a particular flight. If that changes, do we need to redo an Esta or will they understand considering the situation?

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>do we need to redo an Esta or will they understand considering the situation?

Although the ESTA application asks where you'll be staying when you're in the US (and, unless things have recently changed, that isn't a compulsory question), I've never been asked to give flight numbers, flight origin or date of visit. ESTAs last for two years and allow multiple entries. Obviously, people don't stay in the same place or necessarily use the same airport each time they visit the US. I certainly haven't over my past 5 ESTAs.

You'll certainly be asked on entry why you're visiting the US, where you're visiting (general location, not exact hotel details!) and how long you intend to stay. Those questions, along with fingerprints and photograph, are standard for everyone on every visit. It's highly unlikely that border officers at the 'gates' will know, let alone care, that you flew into the US from somewhere different from your original plan.

I really don't think you have anything to worry about at all. Just look forward to your honeymoon! :-)

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No problem at all. As leics said, ESTA lasts 2 years and you can come in a few times with the same ESTA. So your arrival airport could be different, and also the airport where you fligh from. therefore also the flight nr. no more is the same.

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No worries. U.S. Customs and Border Protection will know what flight you're on. See this link:

"Flights arriving from or flying to a destination outside the U.S. must electronically transmit the following information to the CBP:

"Traveler manifest information for each person on board
Notice of arrival information
Notice of departure information
The information must be received by the CBP no less than 60 minutes prior to takeoff for flights departing from or arriving in the U.S.

"Flyers may submit departure as well as subsequent arrival information with APIS before leaving the U.S. Having filed both flights, if there is a delay, it is possible to amend the flight plan with Customs or Flight Service by phone, or if in flight, by radio. If there is a change of date, a new manifest must be filed."

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Giving the required APIS info which is passed on to the arrival country is pretty standard when booking a flight nowadays (and not just flights to the US). It doesn't have to be done during the booking process though it must be done before check-in.

But the OP wasn't worried about the US knowing which flight they were actually arriving on.

She was worried that the US would...somehow....know they'd changed their original flight plans since getting their ESTAs and that this would...somehow..cause problems with said ESTAs.

And it won't, of course. :-)

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