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Hi traveler friends!
My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Mexico next year in June or July. We want to explore Mexico City and the small towns around, as well as Oaxaca City and the Oaxaca Coast. We’ll take about three weeks. My questions are: I know it is the rainy season so any insights as to what the weather is truly like and if June or July is better than the other would be great! Also, is 3 weeks a good amount of time for these places or do we have time to visit one more place, and if so, what would you recommend? In the Mexico City region will also include Teotihuacan, Taxco, and Puebla and Oaxaca coast the beaches outside Oaxaca. I have heard San Miguel de Allende, Guanajanto, and San Cristobol de las Casa, are lovely to visit, but don’t know if we’ll be pushing it for time if we add one of those places into the mix.
We are also planning to fly to Havana Cuba from Mexico for a week en route to the States (brief visit with my family before heading back to home in New Zealand) so any suggestions of getting from Mexico to Cuba or what to do when there also appreciated!

Thanks guys!

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Puebla is a state and a city, but I'll assume you mean the city, which is really beautiful! Which beaches outside the state of Oaxaca are you considering?

Quoting oddgrace

Also, is 3 weeks a good amount of time for these places or do we have time to visit one more place, and if so, what would you recommend?

Not knowing how you plan on getting around Mexico, I'll base my ideas assuming you'll be using buses or driving your own vehicle instead of flying from point a to point b?

Yes, 3 weeks can be a good amount of time, although you really could spend a few weeks in Mexico City alone, in my opinion. But, for what you plan on seeing closest to Mexico City (Teotihuacan and Taxco), then on to Puebla (I'm assuming Puebla City and Cholula?), Oaxaca City and the coast of Oaxaca, 3 weeks is a good amount of time.

Considering that, you'd be moving south from Mexico City, so unless you decided to give yourself more than 3 weeks, the places north of Mexico City you mention, Guanajuato (also a state and a city) and San Miguel de Allende would be a haul. Also, San Cristobal is quite a distance from Oaxaca City - about 10 hours by bus.

If you have the time to visit, San Cristobal is, IMO, defo worth a major skip. Instead, with more time I'd focus my efforts on the areas more or less surrounding Mexico City and the region known as the Valley of Mexico - Cuernavaca and Tlaxcala come to mind right away.

Also, about equal distance from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende (again, if you have time) is the city of Morelia in the state of Michoacan. Morelia is a STUNNING city, nowhere near as jammed with visitors as San Miguel. And the main cathedral in Morelia rivals the one in San Miguel any day!!

As for the rainy season: June in Mexico City will, on average, see less rain than Oaxaca City - 5.5 to 6.5 inches, respectively... on average. Of course, who can say what will really fall when you'll be there? So, where you are in June or July will likely make a difference as far as rain. There is a good chance the Oaxaca coast will be quite damp, more so in June than July...on average.

For the Oaxaca beaches, look into the secluded crescents of sand around Huatulco/La Crucecita. Although this area is not as well known with foreign tourists as Puerto Angel, Mazunte and Puerto Escondido, Huatulco is set up for tourists nonetheless and the surrounding beaches just outside the town are very secluded and much, much nicer in my opinion.

Have a great time!

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Wow, road to roam, thank you so much, that is EXACTLY the kind of reply I was hoping for! I think we’ll stick to the majority of our time in Mexico City and around and check out some of the places you mentioned as well- the Valley of Mexico sounds super cool-, then head to Oaxaca City and then to the beaches. I’ve heard so many things about the beaches there, Huatulco, Playa Carrizallillo, Mazunte, and some other hidden gems (I was in Central America earlier this year and everyone coming from Mexico raved about this part the most but I don’t know which beaches!). I reckon we’ll get Around mostly by bus- I hear the busses are quite good in Mexico, though I have been recommended getting a car for the Oaxaca beaches? I’d certainly rather not drive...mostly so we can be totally stress free with having a beer and not worrying about flat tires, etc (I have rented cars in a lot of places and its always a bit more stressful than not if its not a road trip!). Your suggestions on that? Looking like July may be better than June because of Oaxaca. I don’t mind rain around the city as you constantly have things to do, but once at the beaches a LITTLE less rain would be better. :). Wow, again, this is amazing info, thank you so much! We are so excited for Mexico!

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Happy to help, Erin:)

As for the bus situation and car rental for Oaxaca beaches:

Indeed , the bus service in Mexico is very good as it's modern, extensive, frequent and very cheap. Step down a few rungs by opting for a non-direct (multiple stops) 2nd or 3rd class bus for an even cheaper ride.

As for the Oaxaca beaches at Huatulco, especially: Take taxis, as these are also cheap and easy to find. Proper taxi ranks (sitios) often list their fares right there before you get in the cab. It won't be metered. Same goes for a non-sitio cab (no meter) - agree on a price before you go anywhere. Still, these are very, very cheap compared to a cab "back home" and loads of Mexicans rely on taxis, both in cities and even the smallest towns.

I agree: renting a car, while a great little luxury, can be agro, too. Or you could make a nice road trip along the coast with a car? We've never rented a vehicle in Mexico, although we've driven our own there quite a bit.

Taxis make more sense in some cases and, based on what you said, might be just what you need.

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In general I prefer Cuba to Mexico - things are more relaxed, in Cancun there are armed guards all around the resorts but non in Cuba so just that fact that gives you an idea of the differences between the two Countries.

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Thanks Mark! Yes, we are going to Mexico City and Oaxaca for three weeks and then will fly over to Havana and do a week in Cuba. Any suggestions for that short a period? Cheers!