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1. Posted by Martin J (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Hi, So far it looks like I am todays "New bloke on the block". I encountered travellers point via another travel forum. An individual had posted pics and info from the TP site onto the sight I was looking at. I was quite impressed by the TP content and followed the link to it. I am Martin J, I live in southern Portugal and I raise plants for a livelihood. I began travelling the world in 1974 (3 months India). ´75 was France, Germany, Spain and Morocco. 76 was picking fruit in Kent, attending hippie festivals in UK, then meeting and falling in love with the woman to whom I am still married. ´77 was getting ready for the pilgrimage to India. October 77 the journey began from Bow street court in London, having had my "collar felt" by the long arm of the law and being weighed off by the magistrate at the afore mentioned address. That trip concluded at the end of August 1978, having been to India overland by high hiking and public transport, and returning to UK by the same means. Next ten years, no travel, just marriage, children, mortgage, etc, etc, etc. Moved home, lock stock and barrel to Portugal in 1987, struggled to survive for some years and then began current business of growing plants in 1994. By ´84 we were able to indulge in the luxury of taking a holiday, so it was Goa for 3 weeks. We booked a flight and hotel like package tourists, but after being at the hotel for 2 days, hire a motorcycle and found the "last" hippie village in Goa "Arambol". We left the hotel and stayed there until the day before we were due to fly back to Europe
.A month in Goa 95, a month Andaman Islands 96,same in 97 and same in 98, then the recession hit us like a freight train, so no more travelling for some years....
Some years ago now I began going to Morocco alone because it is easy to get to , whether driving or flying. I have gotten to know Marrakech really well over the years, bu am a bit tired of it now, so this year I shall stay in the North, Chefchaouen for the first time in 44 years. I imagine it has changed a piece in that time, so if you are there in the last week in November, we might meet. Who knows ?

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Welcome to TravellersPoint. I hope you enjoy your time here. We're looking forward to seeing photos of all the places you mentioned . . . I hope you took some pics?!

Any coming trips planned?

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Welcome to Travellerspoint. Lots of nice folks here. Looking forward to hearing more about your travels.

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Oddly enough, photos have never been a thing of desire on my behalf. There are a couple of crack of dawn rickshaws in lines I took in Kolkata, hanging on one of our walls, and I had a bunch of underwater piccies from the Andamans. Absolutely no pics of me next to some well known tourist spot somewhere, really not my style. Having ,for many a year, considering myself as a traveller rather than a tourist, I try to avoid touristy things, especially "the sights ".

6. Posted by Martin J (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Planned trip is Chefchaouen in northern Morocco in November. I shall drive there from Portugal via Ceuta and stay first night in Tetouan (Unesco heritage Medina) and drive on to Chaouen at midday to arrive appx 14:30. Stay there for eight days and then back to Tetouan. Ceuta- Algeciras-Home.
Morocco for me is near, cheap and unlike Europe. Thats why I go there now.

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There have been many threads on "tourist" vs. "traveller" and the superiority assumed by the latter so I won't go into it except to say that if you live someplace else, you will be a tourist to those who live in the place you are visiting. We are proud tourists and enjoy the benefits of budget travel which brings you in touch with local people and small businesses. We thoroughly enjoy "the sights" and touristy things like ruins, monuments, museums, art galleries and famous churches. Many have been there for centuries and there is a reason people visit them. Great beauty should not be missed simply because your mind has dubbed it touristy. We see more local people than fellow tourists at these places. They are for everyone and local residents are proud of their heritage.

Most of us don't have "piccies" of ourselves with famous monuments and I thoroughly enjoy the ones who do and who post them. It's fun to see what our fellow TPers look like. We take pictures of the monuments and everything in between, but seldom of each other and get nearly none of the two of us together. I think you'll see that most TPers take photos of the scenery and many of these photos are spectacular.

Being from the USA, we go to Europe because it is like Europe. I do understand why you want to escape it since it is very familiar and you look for the differences. You've probably seen most of what you want to see by now in Europe. We are faced with that in the USA; hence, travel to Europe. We look for the things that pique our interest and imagination. We travel to see things; hence we are travellers. When we arrive, we are touring the area; hence we are tourists. Some of us take pictures and others do not . . . a matter of personal taste.

Enjoy Morocco.

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Thank you for your insight !

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Quoting Martin J

Morocco for me is near, cheap and unlike Europe. Thats why I go there now.

Yeah - Europe can feel a bit familiar and boring ... until you leave! Having lived in the UK for forty years, anywhere was more exciting than Europe - America, Asia, Africa, Australia ... until we emigrated to New Zealand. Apart from the kauri trees, the oldest celebrated thing here is a stone house in Northland dating back to 1840. A trip back to Europe every now and again is so exciting you really wouldn't believe - history, architecture, tradition & culture! Don't get me wrong, NZ is a great place to live and I won't be moving back to the UK ever but, in the words of Joni Mitchell - "You don't know what you've got till it's gone"!

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