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Hi all!
I fly out to Brisbane on 13/6 on a WHV (3 and a bit weeks left, cant wait)
I keep thinking i have so much to do but i cant quite think what....?? I have my flight, insurance, backpack, vacinations, money etc all sorted oh - and ive handed in my notice at work (that was the best) Can anyone think of anything else??
Did anyone get there and think "mmm i really should have done this or took that"??
Im going to look into the tours and which discount card i should get when i get out there.

Any chat or re-assurance i that have everything under control will be appreciated and then i can stop worrying and start getting more excited.

Oh - Also, has anyone got any suggestions on shoes?? Im taking 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of walking boots (timberlands), 1 pair of smart black work-ish shoes and then i need going out shoes as iv'e heard not all clubs let you in with flip flops!! Ah, that's far too many isnt it?? HELP! - Which should i leave at home?


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Hi Amy,

I am heading out in 9 weeks and am feeling the same as you, but I figured what I ever I might have forgotten I should be able to get out there. Like you Im on WHV and can't wait to get out there now.

So don't worry aboutwhat you may have forgotten and just have a fab time.


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Can't help thinking you are bringing a lot of shoes.
This is what I think, bring:
- black work shoes (if you need them to work)
- bring sandals, no thongs, so that you can wear them to clubs (I also find thongs incredibly annoying and would always prefer to wear Tevas or leather sandals)
- maybe consider bringing walking boots that double as trainers, you know, the softer more flexible ones OR
consider the activities you'll be undertaking and decide between trainers and walking boots. Do you use walking boots or are you going to be spending a lot of time on well made tracks or on a beach etc. Could you use the walking boots instead of trainers??

Then you have 3 pairs of shoes instead of 4+

Keep in mind that because you're from the UK you're probably going to find a lot of very cheap things in Australia. I'd spend about $AU80 on a decent pair of trainers or sandals and that is only 33pounds... and I wouldn't spend more than $AU10 on a pair of thongs that's about 4pounds. Maybe you could bring money for shoes if you need them... :)

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Thanks everyone!
Just going to look forward to it now!

Quercus - I might be being silly but what is thongs??
I think i might scrap the walking boots as i cant see myself wearing them much, i'll also buy trainers when i get there then. I havent actually bought any yet so it would be a good opportunity to save a few pounds!!


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Hi Amy,
Thongs = Flip flops !!

Cold chips = crisps
Runners = trainers
Bushwalking = hiking
Tram = cable car

(Just thought I'd add a few extra )

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Ahhh good luck, i've got 4 months to go yet and i thought i had my visa sorted and i have no confirmation-arghh!!

I am exactly the same about the shoe thing-my manager keeps taking the right mick! lol.

Your'll be just fine-go and enjoy it and fill me in on any goss and tips!!

(Wow-i havent been around for a few weeks and its all changed-kool!)