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I wanted to share this information for the benefit of anybody else having problems linking their eTA application to their online IRCC account

If, like me, you are asked to provide additional documents then they will send instructions about how to create a GCKey, an IRCC account, then finally link your eTA to your IRCC account.

The problem is that my eTA wouldn't link despite entering the correct information. 5 attempts to contact technical support to tell them that it wasn't working just resulted in them reiterating that I needed to link the application. Clearly they don't read a single word you say. Seriously, don't waste your time contacting them, they're not interested in helping, it will just stress you out.

Here's how I solved it
1) Apply for a new eTA (Only costs $7 and well worth it to avoid the stress)
2) The "Given name" field on the eTA is optional. Leave it completely empty
3) Create a new GCKey. Again, the "Given name" field is optional. Leave it completely empty
4) Once you have your GCKey and IRCC account then attempt to link your new eTA. When linking leave the "Given name" field completely empty

It works!!!

You can now apply to abandon your original eTA

I know that my original eTA was correct as I could find it using the "Check your status" page. Can only imagine that the optional Given Name field got messed up on their system.

Hope this helps anybody else