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1. Posted by jamie16 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Me and my partner are due to arrive in Melbourne in January to start our first years WHV. Initially we want to get used to life down under, mix with locals, sight see etc, but at some point we would like to both find jobs on a farm. Does anyone know the best website or place to find farm jobs? I’ve heard off a couple of people it’s easy to find work on a farm and I’ve heard off others that’s it’s quite difficult, I understand it’s not going to knock on my door but some advice on where to start looking would be amazing... thanks in advance!

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When I was hitch hiking across OZ a long time ago a police car stopped and the nosy sheriff asked me what I was "up to", I replied I was on my way to Sydney from where I would be flying home, so I was looking for work meantime. He seemed to accept this (true) story and told me to get in the car. He drove me up to the nearest farm where he spoke to the owner and I was told to find an empty bed in the bunk house, stash my gear and go down to the cherry orchards where the foreman put me to work picking cherries.

My fellow fruit pickers were all functional alcoholics who kept their bottles of ripple wine under the mattresses of their beds, it was hot weather and hard work in December, but at weekends we all jumped into the owner's ancient Holden "yoot" and drove the long distance to the nearest pub, I was the nominated driver with a current international licence, much to the delight of the others, because they had all lost their driving licences for drink driving some time previously.

After the Sunday "session" we drove back to the farm and for doing the driving I was rewarded with the gift of a bottle of ripple wine. On Christmas day the farm owner's family invited us all to an excellent Christmas dinner after which everybody proceeded to get wrecked on ice cold cans of Reischer's beer straight from the fridge.

At the end of the fruit season we were all paid off and went our seperate ways and I resumed my hitch hiking on the highway, a sympathetic driver stopped for me and gave me some advice which was not relevant to me as a solo hiker, but he said he would never stop for more than one man or woman, one he could handle ( he said) but not two. You might want to take notice of this advice, for successful hitching in OZ you have to do it alone and being on my own I never had any problem getting a lift.

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Google something like "WHV Melbourne" (or wherever) and there are loads of job-sites and backpacker sites talking about where to work/go etc.
Assuming you'll be hanging around traveller spots before you want to work then you'll bump into loads of people that are doing or have done the same (so they can recommend or warn you about certain places).

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