How long is too long for a long haul flight?

Travel Forums General Talk How long is too long for a long haul flight?

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I've done London (LHR) - Singapore/KL/BKK ... But we are going 'business class' should this make a difference?

Are you kidding, of course it makes a difference. Economy on a long haul is made just so much worse by whoever else is on the flight, screaming children, very large persons maybe sitting next to you and invading what little space you may have. Oh please, as I get older it just gets so much harder to do. Whereas in Business or upwards, or so I've been told and never having enjoyed the privilege but from the outside looking in, appears so much more tolerable. Get to the 14 hour mark even the best of us is challenged. And please, I do like my cheap flights so probably can't complain too much and do appreciate the efforts airline staff go to trying to keep us comfortable. LOL ;)

Don't you love how they make you walk through business class on the way to your seat? You get to see how nice it is and then you sit down...