How would you feel if you were a passenger on this flight?

Travel Forums General Talk How would you feel if you were a passenger on this flight?

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This pilot in Vietnam lost something pretty important:

Big mistake from pilot delays flight for 11 hours

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How embarrassing for that pilot !

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I would not be a happy traveler! A delayed flight screws up other things like connecting flights and hotel reservations, etc.

I bet the people he works with will frequently ask him if he has his passport!


I have picked up passports that passengers had dropped leaving the plane I was on. Once I could see the guy ahead of me and got to him in time. The other time I handed the passport to the flight attendant at the door.

  • *Losing a passport is something that always concerns me overseas. When I travel I don't dress to impress. I have travel trousers with side pockets. My passport is in a pouch on a lanyard attached to a "d" ring inside the pocket. Kinda goofy looking but it works for me!

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I am very cautious with my passport also. I did drop it once while boarding a plane. When I sat down I realized I did not have my passport. I immediately got up and went to an attendant and told me to just take my seat. I looked all around my seat,in the aisle, and was in a panic over it. Someone did find it and turned it in before we took off. I guess I would have gotten off if it had not been found. I also had mine stolen while in Amsterdam years ago. That's quite a different story due to no fault of my own. I had it replaced within three days time. But for pilot to lose his, that is quite extraordinary.

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My trip to Peru I did 10 years ago, I had to drive 5 hours to Salt Lake City to spend the night before flying out because our local airport was closed for runway repairs. About an hour into the drive, I went to get my sunglasses in my carry-on bag for the drive and realized I forgot my paper print out of my airline ticket and passport back home on my bed. 5 hour drive turned into a 7 hour drive.

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I can't imagine how a pilot can get to lose his passport, but oh well, I guess it may happen to anyone
Whenever I'm abroad I use to carry around a photocopy of my passport as I keep the original one in the safe at the hotel/accommodation room. However, I'm not sure if a photocopy would be useful in case of extreme need (I've never been to such situation), so I don't even know if doing this is okay... But it's a habit my family is used to anyway.

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I was in a hotel ready to get on a cruise when I realized that I did not have my passport. My wonderful husband drove back home (100 miles each way) to get it. He said it was an enjoyable drive - he was listening to NPR broadcasts of old radio shows.

I did find someone's passport in the ladies room at Gatwick. I met her coming back to get it.