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post from another travelling forum - raynair again:

'(People of a nervous flying disposition are advised to look away now )

A few years ago (around June 99) I'd been in Dublin for a few days and my flight back to Newcastle with Aer Lingus was cancelled due to a plane going 'tech'. Needing to get back I hastily booked a £80 flight at the airport back to the near-ish Teesside Airport with Ryanair.

The fun started at check in when my name failed to appear on the system. I was practically accused of pretending to buy a ticket and asked to move out of line. 10 briefcase slamming minutes later, a supervisor profusely apologised and booked me on the flight

Got to the gate at 10am and a 1 hour delay was announced, the pilot had gone over hours after a delay on the incoming aircraft (from Leeds Bradford). Hustled onto the plane and we left at 11.15 ish

The next 40 minutes were the worst turbulent moments I'd ever experienced in my long flying days. We were shook to hell, the pilot who sounded young and bloody nervous heaved us up and then dragged us down. The whole plane shook for the whole flight,

As we descended for approach I thought we seemed low, we were. About a minute later we flew over the terminal at Teeside at alarming speed. The pilot said that cloud cover had been very poor and the runway visibility was low and that he was been guided in for a long approach.

We went up again and turned very sharply, so much so that one of the stewardesses who was helping a passenger fell straight to the floor. The pilot came over the intercom

'Er, eh, cabin urr, umm crew urr seats for urm urr landing' The guy next to me was totally white, the whole plane was white. Had this guy just nicked this plane.

We came in very very fast, hit the ground pretty normally but then we went up and down and up and down again, then hit pretty hard.Sent me up out of the seat and then the usual brakes thrust back noise came on but seemed to make little difference, it sounded like we were still thrusting forward. We jostled along the runway for ages at some speed until we went over the edge of the runway and the wheels sunk into the wet marsh at the end, the plane violently stopped and the front wheel under the weight lurched forward leaving the plane at a 45o angle.

Nothing happened for literally 5 minutes then the order came over the intercom 'evacuate evacuate evacuate'. No-one moved, we were all in total shock, this was the most fucked up landing ever. Then the cabin crew burst into action and forced everyone off

Went down the rear chute, looked back onto the runway and couldnt see any braking marks, until we'd hit the grass. The plane was heavily tilted and 'dirty' on the white undercarriage. We were asked if we were okay and then offered taxis' home by the airport, the Ryanair staff said nothing, they looked embarassed. The pilot was carted away with some officials.

I hung around and went for a pint in the bar and one of those radio geeks was there. He asked me if I'd been on the Ryanair 737, I said yeah and asked what happened, the guy said 'he came fast, he was shaking and there didnt seem to be any breaking, he was screaming over the atc radio and if it hadnt been for the conditions of the grass the bugger would have probably kept going until he went up again...tell ya one thing, your lucky we're a rural airport. He'd have hit the terminal at any other airport'

Well thats mine. Lives with me to this day. Hasn't stopped me flying, apart from with Ryanair. It was bloody scary though."

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Ok, I've had nothing even comparible to that! My worst flight was from Montreal to Toronto...and that was just because I got really nauseous during the take off and landing. Since it's a very short flight, both are pretty quick and at a steep angle, and my stomach was not happy. Suffice to say, I didn't have any of the "snacks" offered to us by the Air Canada staff.

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Never had anything that bad. On the way back from the Maldives once we landed at Heathrow. Everyone did the usual of standing up as soon at the plane lands to get baggae etc and make for the door to be the first off. Something I find very strange, its not like they are going to take off again if you're not off in 10 seconds. Anyway, on this occasion, all cabin crew just beamed down on any one who moved shouting "get back down in your seat" and "dont move stay were you are". We eventually stopped at the terminal and everyone was forced to stay in their seats. Then the Police came on board! Many bemused and then one of the fluff, I mean fuzz, said "If anyone would like to file a complaint against this man please stay behind!" Apparently, this guy had got drunk three rows up and was threating, groping and being generally abusive to the other passengers and stewards. I was blissfully unaware. Dont know why they made everyone go panicy and stay in the plane for 30 minutes!!

Oh and another time was when I was taking off sometime and the usual condensation etc flows out the wing as we ascend. The kid in front of me was watching the same stream of "smoke" like stream cominging out the wing and just screams "THE PLANES ON FIRE!" It certainly is one way to make a cabin go quiet in seconds.

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My worst airplane travel was in a light aircraft in the outback of Australia.I felt sick for most of the time.Unlike a car,you are unable to step out for some fresh air!!!!!
I don't get airsick on big aircraft for some reason????
But my trip round the outback was a once in a lifetime I can't complain too much about the air sickness!!

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wow, my story doesn't even compare to yours, MASSAGEUK!! haha but for me, my experience was enough to leave me shaken up!
i was 8 years old flying to winnipeg from thunder bay with my mother. anyways, it was in the middle of winter, and if any other canadians, or anyone for that matter, have been to either winnipeg OR thunder bay in the winter, they can agree that it's pretty much living hell!!! it's cold, snowy, blizzardy, and stubborn!
anyways, so my mom and i were flying on a small aircraft seating about 9 people and all of a sudden, the pilot (who was one of two attendants on the plane) made an emergency landing in some place (i can't even pronounce the name of). Anyways, so the pilot stopped the plane in (basically) the middle of nowhere, got out and started scraping ice off the wings of the plane! No joke! the airport attendents at this airport we landed in helped us out, and we eventually got back in the air and landed in winnipeg safe and sound, but it was still an eye-opening experience!!