Thank you cyclist for saving us in Dortmund, Germany.

Travel Forums Europe Thank you cyclist for saving us in Dortmund, Germany.

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Still a bit shaken, I’m trying to find the British cyclist who like a shrine in a hellhole, let me use his phone when we were stranded at Dortmund bus station, our connecting coach having been cancelled, with a coach company rep out of uniform and in advanced stage of insanity.
All this lone rep did to assist us long faced travellers, was to point to a poster and shout “ call this number, call this number “ then we were chased out of the office with great energy and a warning not to come back.
As the British cyclist elegantly called the coach company to get instructions, from his own phone, I stand by in a panicking state and used up his battery power when he was kind to offer me his phone. I hope this gets to you; I am so sorry for being such a pest on your resources! I was further not able to remember your name or your final destination, but our connecting route was Dortmund..Hannover..Copenhagen. I hope that the rest of your journey was a good one, and wish I could thank you in person when you’re back in London