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I'm planning a trip to Southeast Asia in February for 4 months. I want to travel to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. I want to backpack, very low-key on a budget 'cause I'm not a trust fund high school graduate. I'm an 18 year old female that is looking for a preferably female companion but men maybe. Hopefully you would live close to me so we could meet and I could make sure you're not a serial killer, but I'm open to other places and we can talk and decide if we can travel this long without killing eachother.

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When you say you are alone and willing to to even accept men as traveling companions be prepared for men who will think you will be sharing your bed with them too. Yes, it is best is to find someone from back home who you (hopefully) know aren't serial killers! If offers come in when overseas do not meet any guys at your hotel or hostel! Screen them at neutral locations like some easy to find well known restaurant or store. Definitely at 18 years old and alone SAFETY should always come first! (Some guys who contact you might even be double your age!)

Avoid traveling with "fellow travelers" who like to use drugs! It is not the same as back in Canada! Prisons in Asia really suck big time!

You could travel for less time, maybe just a month. This way you will have more money for your day to day expenses. If you are always counting your pennies you might end up making risky choices to survive. You should work up a budget to see how much you have available for daily expenses after paying for your plane ride to this part of Asia and flight back home.

After paying or plane rides to Asia and return home how much per day is left for your hostel, guest house or cheap hotel each night?

For each country you have an interest in you must research the visa requirements. Example, for Thailand if you intend to enter using the free 30 day Visa Exemption you get at the airport this requires a flight out of Thailand within 30 days. Enforcement could be at your home airport!

Keep your passport safe. Do not get it wet! Do not tear any pages out of it! Lose your passport you are in for a whole bunch of crap trying to get a replacement. Safeguard your money! Do not travel with a single debit card because someone could steal it, you could lose it or simply crack damage it somehow. Have back up sources of spending money. If you were planning on working overseas for some places you first need a work permit. If you have lady friends that boasted about working a beer bar in Thailand for spare money - they did not live off bar wages! They really survived by going to hotel rooms with Asian men!

A shorter visit will allow you to have more money each day instead of relying on total strangers. You should have some sort of medical - hospital insurance good overseas for accidents or other serious illnesses that may come up. Too many tourists rent motor scooters or motor bikes and end up in serious accidents. With no money they are begging for money on the internet using gofundme websites.

I will let someone else give you the happy - go for it - have fun speech!

Very ambitious trip! Good luck but always think safety first!

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Thanks so much, I have planned very extensively for this trip however and know about safety and pricing. I'm not going to reduce the trip to a month but thank you for the suggestion. While Canadians are a trusting people haha, I know not to meet strange men at isolated locations. I sorta put men there because I never really know the exception so it's nice to have options. I should definitely put in my thingy that this isn't a sex thing so Thanx for that. Wasn't aware that had to be stated but I guess this is the internet????. Your review bummed me out lol I totally thought someone wanted to go with me. Nooooo

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"Your review bummed me out lol I totally thought someone wanted to go with me. Nooooo...."


I am sure someone will contact you before you leave or during your trip.

I just want to keep you alive!

I am sure you know that parents and close friends will worry a lot about you so frequently update them where you are, etc.

You should have some sort of daily budget worked out ahead of time if you intend to ask for hostel or hotel advice in particular locations. Do not travel with a single debit card! Tourists, in particular younger tourists, do get hurt overseas. For each country you intend to visit also review how to exchange your currency to the local money. In the countries you visit you most often pay cash (local currency) for cheap stuff like buying drinking water, using meter taxis, paying for cheap meals, etc.

Good luck.

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I am planning a similar trip around SE Asia between February-April
PM me if you are interested and still looking for a travel buddy. :)

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I'm not a serial killer and female! Do I qualify?

While I may not be able to join you on your travels. But say if you require information about Singapore / Malaysia if you are planning to have them in your trip, feel free to ask! And if I'm around town, or otherwise in Vietnam / China. We (with my partner) can explore weird places together that won't cost a penny (except for food and bus rides)...

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