Any couples out there travelled australia and/or new zealand

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Okay so we have 2 things we need some advice on. Please be patient with us.

1. My boyfriend and I are 28 and 23 years old from London, UK. We would love to travel Australia for 1 year. We would just like to know how much everyone took out there and spent out there as a couple? Did you work? What sort of work could we get as a couple? My partner is in retail management and I'm currently a student.
We feel a bit too old to be staying in hostels so would either hire a van or stay in hotels so we know that would make things more expensive.

2. We would also love to travel New Zealand but time isn't on our side as we only have 1 year and 1 month to save before my partner would be almost 31 and he wouldn't be able to apply for a whv.
So, if we wanted to travel to australia and New Zealand, would it be best to apply for a whv when he is 29, travel australia for 1 year and then get a whv for new zealand when he is 30. We would probably be able to save about £8000 between us by that time so would that even be enough?

Or, would we be better to apply for a whv when he's 30 so we would have a whole year more to save, travel australia for 1 year on a whv and save what we can to travel new zealand? Or would we need to be working if we wanted at least 6 months in New Zealand?

I hope this all makes sense and you understand what I'm asking,

Thanks guys!

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I'm 48 and I stay in hostels. Hostels are a great option to stretch the budget, which you'll need as you've not much money. Even if the money is going well, a double room in a hostel (rather than dorm beds) which won't have an en suite works out cheaper than hotels.

In either Australia or New Zealand you'll need to work. Assuming flights and travel insurance need to come off the top you'll have around £3k each in reserve. You could do to work out a daily budget, based on your choice of accommodation, transport, food, activities, and partying. You can research costs of all of these. Often people talk about $100/day so is that around £70 now? So that's 42 days reserve at that standard of living - so yes you'd need to work almost all the time.

Living in a van gets old quickly, and maybe doesn't work well if the profile of the trip is working rather than constant touring. Personally I'd junk that idea and figure on using hostels and a bus pass to get around, to keep costs down.

Without savings I think you would be best looking for some relatively long term work. This limits the number of places you get to see.

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hello guys! I recently moved to Australia but I don’t know anything here, can you recommend any places? both with beautiful nature and in general cities, entertainment)) by the way, what are the zip codes? how to find them? What do you use for zip codes lookup? I found such a site -snip- is it fine? I would like to order several things with delivery and will be happy to get your replies))

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I'm 49 and my husband and I still stay in a lot of hostels - I say still, but actually the first time we stayed in one was in 2011, when we packed up work to travel. Prior to that we were used to nice hotels! We generally book a private room, but usually with shared bathrooms. I must admit that we did find some of the Australian ones a bit more young person oriented than those in South America or New Zealand, but we made sure not to choose party hostels, so they were still fine. We also do a lot of Airbnb - the room in someone's home type, not the whole apartment type - and we save money by doing some house and pet sits too.

I really can't recall how much we spent in Australia (6 months) and New Zealand (2 months), but I know we found Australia itself to be quite expensive, even though we're used to London prices. I have to agree with AndyF that the amount you'll have won't go that far. Work away is a pretty popular way of earning money, and I gather that a recent ruling in Australia means that tourists won't get taxed as much as they have been, so that should help!

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