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What is the total cost of traveling to Paris in the Xmas season?

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From just down the road by bus, or around the world first class? :)

Seriously, you need to give us some more detail - is this hostelling or good hotels or where in between? Self catering in a hostel kitchen or eating in fancy restaurants? Travelling around by metro or by guided tour? Etc.

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Visit a travel agency in your home city. Ask them how much.

They will ask you lots of questions that affect the total cost.

Besides the cost of plane tickets you will need passport and sufficient funds to pay for your daily spending. You will need to investigate your visa requirements too.

Up to you.

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We don't know if you are coming from S. America or New Zealand or England...the costs are very different.

5. Posted by Beausoleil (Travel Guru 1260 posts) 1w Star this if you like it!

Figure the cost of the following and you'll have a good estimate.

Plane ticket
Hotel or other accommodation
Sightseeing attractions you want to visit
Gifts you may purchase

You can do online searches for all of this. Use for plane fares; for hotel costs and the Paris Museum Pass web site will give you web links to all the major museums in Paris for fees. Check the Paris Metro web site for transportation costs.

For food and gifts, set yourself a budget and stay within it. We spend about as much in Paris on food as we do at home but I don't know where you live so perhaps that wouldn't be true for you.

If you want help on a forum, you need to tell people where you are flying/driving from; what kind of accommodation you plan, how long you are going to stay and how you plan to get around.

During Christmas there are Christmas markets all over Paris that are great fun and very beautiful. They are also completely free so you can see a lot and not have to pay for anything. The department stores all have wonderful Christmas decorations you can enjoy for no charge too. Therefore, Christmas is probably one of the more economic times to visit the city. Many churches will have concerts and there will be carolers in the streets . . . also mostly free.

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