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I have recently graduated from university, and started a graduate job as a management trainee in the NHS. However, I'm not particularly enjoying my job and have come to the point where I believe what I truly want is to move to Australia to be with my boyfriend (we met while he was on his working holiday visa in the UK, and have been together for 2.5 years but he had to go back to Australia in April).

I travelled Australia with him after I graduated, and loved it so much so would love to go back. Initially, I was hoping to study there, but unfortunately got rejected for the Master's scholarship I applied for despite meeting the required criteria. I cannot afford the $35,000 tuition fees, so am going to have to reject my offer of study.

I figured that my last option is to head out on a working holiday visa for a year or two, but I'm super worried people will judge my CV if I leave my current job after just a few months. My other issue is that I am a very academic/career focused person, and cannot see myself working in bars etc. on a WHV - does anyone have experience getting a more office based job in line with their career on this visa?

I'm really stuck with what to do next - any advice would be appreciated.

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A few thoughts. ..

You only live once. Don't stick in a job if you're really miserable. Give it a fair crack, but if you can see it's not for you, don't hesitate in trying something else.

If you don't like the job in NHS management, would the masters in a similar field have been right for you? Do you want to continue down a similar track? What can the experience of doing this job tell you about what you enjoy doing?

It may well be that you need some time to figure out where your career goes from here. A year or two of WHV may be a good way to go through that thinking process. It could give you chance to try some jobs and inform your decision that way. Plus it's worthwhile anyway.

I think employers looking at a CV look more positively these days on gap years and breaks in the CV. The time for that is early in your working life. And it brings a wider range of experience to your CV.

I don't know much about WHV job opportunities but so far as I know it's not limited to bar work. My girlfriend took on various office based jobs during hers, but that was long ago.

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Thanks, your reply was really helpful!

I know I want to stay in a similar field, but I think this grad job has made me realise I value being at the frontline of issues, rather than in an office job in the background - especially now as I don't have any commitments making a stable working life particularly important to me. If I was to continue in academia, it would be in public health, and it is something I will likely do at some point in the future - it's just whether or not to keep pushing to do this in Australia!

I think you're right about using the WHV as time to think about what I want to do, and where I want to be - I think I will probably go for it after I've stuck this job out for a few more months to make sure it doesn't look too terrible on my CV. Next step is convincing my parents it will be safe and won't be a waste of time/money!!

Thanks for your help

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Makes sense - a few more months is saving time towards the WHV.

Good luck. :)

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