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A male friend and I are going to travel through Oman for a couple of weeks, mostly by car. I'm wondering, what the situation there is regarding sharing a room - we will get a room with 2 beds as we are just plutonic friends. I'm thinking that in Oman we may have to say that we are married? Has anyone any relevant info? Thanks in advance.

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I was touring in Oman with my husband earlier this year and as far as I can recollect we had double beds in most but not all of the hotels we stayed at. But of course we travelled as a married couple - I don't know if you can specify and get twins. Maybe you should try asking a couple of your hotels and see what answer you get.

I'm curious about the mention of Ireland in your title but not in the question?

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Wow that was a fast answer! Thanks. I've seen in pics (just starting accomm. research) that rooms often have more than one bed.
I'm going to Ireland for just one week, as it was a cheap add-on coming from Oz (once you're already in Dubai). I mean cheap by Oz standards. I've never been there and will fly into Dublin. Of course I could easily just spend the time there but I'm thinking of going to County Cavan to explore some family history.

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I've traveled worldwide with a friend for the past four years and she and I never have encountered a problem sharing a room with two beds. Frequently the assumption is that we are married since only one passport (mine) is requested at registration. There have been no problems when we both have to show our U.S. passports.

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Actually, a friend and I did have a problem, after my friend casually mentioned to the owner of a small guesthouse in Harrar, Ethiopia, that we weren't married. There were 2 beds in a decent sized space, separated by a partial wall, but the owner insisted that one of us move to another room. Fortunately this was possible - they had a bed in a small alcove on it's own. After that we were both more careful. But thanks - that's really great to hear.

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As a general rule we don't volunteer information that's not requested for the completion of official business. We both adhere to that rule while traveling the globe. When asked, we are succinct and always truthful.

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It has to be noted that Oman's legal system is based on Sharia law in which zina (unlawful intercourse) is an offence punishable by incarcerations, lashings and and in the case of foreigners deportation. Under Sharia it is guilty till proven innocent and the burden of proof is on the guilty party. Saying your relationship is platonic will not be enough proof if the accuser is a Muslim since their testimony is regarded as having higher value than that of a Non Muslim.

Overall Oman is pretty relaxed when it comes to enforcing zina especially on foreigners. Usually the police restrict raids to hotel rooms booked by Omani citizens so the chances are pretty slim of anything happening and most hotels work with a "don't ask, don't tell" policy especially in Muscat. As you get to more rural areas they might not be as accommodating unless you are staying in a more western targeted facility.

While it is unlikely anything will happen it is good to be aware of your legal options just in case because foreigners have ended up entangled in zina and women have been incarcerated up to three months. These Gulf countries and the people may seem quite liberal and Westernised but the fact is their legal system is not.