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Hey guys,
A sensitive issue so please give your deepest respect :)
I’m a chronic bedwetter so I’ve not really traveled before as bed wetting stopped me, yet I don’t want to let this stop me anymore.
I normally wear protection (adult nappies) to cope with the bed wetting and I have a few questions regarding hostels:
1. Do most hostels have a private place to get changed into my protection before bed?

2. If my protection leaks (which happens rarely) would there be extra charges for washing/damages? And what is the protocol to follow to get the bedding changed?

3. Should I advise the hostel beforehand? Or only if/when the bedding needs to be changed?

4. I normally sleep in just a singlet/nighty and protection, would this be seen as weird or would I be laughed at? (Will be travelling Aus in the summer and it’s hot, and my protection is hot enough without extra layers)

5. Would there be a bin that I could discreetly and hygenicly dispose of my protection? (They are normally to large for the sanitary pad bins)
Thanks for your time and respect :) xx

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Hostels vary considerably and there can be different situations from room to room.

Your choice will generally come down to whether you want a shared bathroom or a private bathroom and a shared room or a private room. The more private it is, the more it tends to cost.

How people react to your night wear is pretty hard to say as it really depends on the individuals you experience. I would hope that people are respectful, but that's kind of impossible to say.

The individual disposal situation will probably also vary wildly from one hostel to another. Sanitary pad bins are common, but if it's too large for that then things are a bit more difficult of course.

About advising the hostels before hand - if it is rare enough I wouldn't bother. If it happens then they should be able to deal with it. Extra charges will vary by hostel if they exist at all.

And good for you for not letting this stop you! I hope you have a great trip to Australia! If you need any tips on Melbourne in particular, I'm happy to help :)

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Perhaps you should look for a cheap hostel, but with separate rooms or a room in which a neighbor works at night and sleeps during the day.

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Have you tried taking water retention tablets a few hours before going to bed? They should help get rid of excess water out of your system till you start drinking next morning.

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"2. If my protection leaks (which happens rarely) would there be extra charges for washing/damages? "

Just like any other damage guests do - expect to pay for replacement, repairs or special cleaning. Not really fair to the owners for them to pay for damage done by guests.

What to do with soiled protection? What do you do with this stuff at home? Chuck it in your trash barrel? Have bags with you if you need to take your "stuff" with you on a walk looking for a place to dispose of it.

"....a private place to get changed into my protection before bed?"

The last thing I want to do is sleep in a room with a lot of strangers! (Had enough of that in the military!) If no private room, can't you change in the privacy of a toilet stall?