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Late 40's solo traveler looking to meet other travels going to Bangkok & Phuket at the end of January.

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Fill out your profile so if anyone is interested in meeting you they will have a little more information.

Thailand is easy to do on your own. Millions of tourists have done this. If you need someone to share expenses choose someone from back home.

Not everyone wants to share traveling with a total stranger. Younger travelers, on short budgets, such as students on vacation, do meet other travelers in hostels. You might meet people on the plane or just walking around. But someone from back home is your best bet since you are past the young student age and probably have more spending money to pay for hotels or guest houses.

How many days in Thailand? If coming from long distance, like Europe or North America, Thailand is not a weekend visit. Phuket is a little more expensive than Bangkok especially for local transportation. If your visit is short, maybe under 8 days, flying between Phuket and Bangkok will save you a lot of time on slow buses.

You need to work up a budget for each day - AFTER - paying for your flights to Thailand and return home. Your available money will determine how much you pay for hotels and other day to day spending.

There are quite a few posts for Thailand. Read some of them. If you require a VOA you may have to get that ahead of time vs just entering free for 30 days with Visa Exemption stamp in your passport at the airport depends on what passport you travel with. You will need sufficient funds to pay for your visit to Thailand.

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Good luck.

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