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I was arrested in the USA last year for Petit larceny. I got ACD which means that the case was dismissed....I was not convicted. Has anyone experienced this? Will immigration send me back if i try to go back to the USA?

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You don't give your citizenship.

Although your case ended up ACD (Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal) you were arrested and charged with the offence of petty larceny. I believe petty larceny is classed as a misdemeanor in the US rather than a felony, but it is still theft and likely to be considered a crime involving moral turpitude.


If you used an ESTA this time I'd advise you to apply for a visa for your next trip, even if you want to visit before the ESTA expires. If you are granted a visa you won't have to worry any more than anyone else about being denied entry (a visa does not guarantee entry to any country.....every country has the right to deny entry to non-citizens).

If you travelled on a visa then I'm afraid no-one here or anywhere else can tell you the chances of you being denied entry next time you visit, not least because nobody has (or wants) the full details of your case and all your personal circumstances. For the same reason, the experience of others is not a reliable indicator of what your experience might be.

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