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1. Posted by ankov (Budding Member 2 posts) 11w Star this if you like it!


I am planning to hitchhike South East Asia starting early February(2020) for about 2-3 months. My rough plan is:
-Laos or/and Vietnam

Itinerary might change.
Anyone who is sturdy enough, has similar plans and wants to join hit me up.
Happy travels!

2. Posted by EmillyGuo (Inactive 27 posts) 11w Star this if you like it!

Hi, Ankov,
Have you thought about travelling to China?
There're lots of great places to go in China, such as Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie...
If you have made clear plans,you'd better take care of yourself.
Good luck!

3. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 2399 posts) 11w 1 Star this if you like it!


Think twice about hitchhiking all alone or even with another lady . A wealthy foreign female in a car full of men driving though remote areas might not be worth the risk! You may not think you are wealthy but your mobile phone may be worth more than some people make in a full year of hard work. Also a passport can be sold for cash money to terrorists.

A long distance bus should be safer than you, or even you and a friend, in a truck or van all alone. (On a bus keep money, passport, valuable electronics with you at your seat. Or at least within sight. Have luggage you can lock.) When a bus makes stops and people grab bags and boxes from the storage bin you don't need them to steal your valuable stuff too.

For some countries that you enter you are required to have sufficient funds to support yourself. For each country you intend to visit research the visa requirements before you visit. Do not travel with a single debit card. Have back up sources of spending money.

Tourists getting hurt overseas without medical and hospital insurance can be a problem. So look into medical - hospital insurance good overseas.

Not enough money to support yourself overseas safely don't go for so long! For some countries for you to work for extra spending money requires a work permit.

Fill out your profile.

Think safety first.

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5. Posted by Traveller002 (Budding Member 38 posts) 10w Star this if you like it!

As much as I would like to trust that the world is a cool and safe place, but really, the above poster is right. Safety first especially if you are female. Save just that bit more money and take public transportation which does not cost a lot in SEA. Singapore? Ring me up, I can tell you how to save a tonne and not get yourself killed too.

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