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1. Posted by Chrisbroome110 (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone. As a young family we have always travelled independently, and can only take 7-10 days away. So we have always taken the sensible route and gone to the Med, specifically Majorca. That way we can pretty much guarantee a good holiday with out any drama for the short time we have.
For the last few years we have rented a townhouse in Alcudia and Pollenca. This is a great option as the children can safely walk to the shops. Most have plunge pools, and Dady can have a drink with a meal. All in a quiet and historic setting.
So my question is this. With the forums vast knowledge of the Med etc. Where next for us? There's got to be towns/villages that offer the same as the aforementioned places. Perhaps Italian?
Looking forward to your suggestions.

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Check out the Aeolian Islands

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Sorry to say, but there are so many possibilities, we cannot present all of it. So your first duty will be to choose which country and which part of the country. And what time of the year.

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Malta and Crete come to mind.

Malta I've visited, and it was very interesting. It was pretty warm in April, and a local told me that every resident who can leaves in summer to escape the heat.

Friends tell me that Crete is also good.

You might also consider enlarging your region of interest beyond just the Mediterranean...there is a lot of world out there :)

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So everbody of us can tell you you our favorites. And in the end there are 100 posts with different destinations. But does it help the TO?

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Thank you for the input so far. When I first posted the question, I was aware that it made me look like a rather unadventurous traveler. I have been lucky enough to travel to more exotic places in the world. ;)
My problem is, because I am a farmer, and my window for holidays is very short, I can not take any time in the summer school holidays, because this is the time for my harvest. So any summer sunshine holidays are booked at very short notice if time allows. And I have found that stopping in a centrally located townhouse in the Med offers everything our young family wants for a week.
But, we have visited Pollenca, Alcudia, and Ostuni in Italy on a number of occasions. And want somewhere different.
So to reiterate, are there places in the Med, like the places mentioned, be it in Spain, France, Italy etc etc, that you good people can recommend. Some where not far from the coast, with plenty of historical interest, good eating out, and plenty of sun shine in the Med summer.

7. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Travel Guru 2561 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

It isn't the Med, but perhaps Portugal? I have only visited there and stayed in a hotel with a baby but I am sure there are townhouses with a pool that you could rent and there is lots to see in the Lisbon area.

The places I've been in Spain that might work are Barcelona and possibly Valencia. I have not been to Valencia in some time so I don't know what of historical interest is there, but it is on the coast and is warm. And Barcelona has plenty of historical interest to see and good eating out.