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Just need to that I have criminal record in uk can I travel from Ireland to any other country through British air it's very cheap to from uk with connecting flights

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I'm not sure for UK, but since you said other country...

It does not matter the airlines. If the immigration officer deemed you to be suspicious or have the potential to carry out criminal activities in the country of arrival, they will retain you and check you out. As long as they have sufficient evidence that you are not a tourist and will be in the country for any other purposes except travel, you will be so sure of the next flight to your previous departure country.

Note: You will be sent back to where you came from, which does not necessary mean your country of origin.

Source: Personally deal with cross-border immigration since I'm in a LDR and I just finished watching a series of UK Border Force!

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If you're hoping to get useful advice on this, tell us your citizenship and explain which country you're going to and from. Also when you say criminal record it doesn't tell us enough - do you have reason to think you are banned from entering the UK?

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You don't give your citizenship, which is always relevant.

We don't have details of your criminal record, which is very relevant. A record for serious crime (e.g. murder, rape, drug-dealing) or terror-related activity will be much more of a problem than a record for e.g. shoplifting or dangerous driving.

The airline you use is irrelevant. All airlines check that passengers have the correct documentation for the country of arrival. Airlines can be fined if they carry passengers who are denied entry on arrival.

It is important to understand that any country can deny entry to anyone except its own citizens. Having a visa for a country does not guarantee entry.

The UK and the Republic of Ireland operate a Common Travel Area (so 'UK Border Force' doesn't really apply!).

Unless you are actively wanted in the UK or Ireland on suspicion of other crimes and/or terrorist activities you won't encounter issues flying into or out of the UK from Ireland. Although there are no border formalities between the two countries, passenger lists from Ireland are checked, arrivals can be scanned and passengers stopped by border officers.

You may encounter problems related to your criminal record on arrival in other countries.

Passenger information is shared between countries. Some countries also share information about criminal activity (especially within the EU) so even if you don't need a visa to enter a country, and depending on the crime, you may be stopped on entry and questioned further. You can be denied entry (including entry to EU countries even if you hold EU citizenship) and will be sent back to your departure point.

If travelling to countries which offer an electronic visa waiver for your citizenship (e.g. the US, Canada or Australia) having a criminal record will almost certainly mean you aren't eligible and must apply for a full visa for that country.

Your criminal record is relevant for any visa application you make for any country. Depending on its details, plus all your other application details, you may have to wait longer for a visa decision or may be denied a visa altogether,

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