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I am due to go travelling in Feb to NZ, AUS & South east Asia for a total of 6 months. I am taking a 40L backpack.

I obviously only want to take things I’m actually going to use, please let me know of anything you think is an absolute must or something you wouldn’t think off taking but was totally worth it? Equally, what things are unnecessary to take?

Clothes wise, I am unsure on a coat because of the space but I’m aware it may get chilly at certain times especially doing outdoor activities?

Thanks! :)

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For clothing - I'm a big fan of looking for certain things I need WHEN I need them - often for cheaper than what these would cost at home. Warmer outerwear can be bought when you need it, then left behind or donated when you don't. You can easily buy second-hand clothes just about everywhere, coats included.

Take it easy packing bulky toiletries and figure out ways things can serve double-duty. Toiletries are easily found on the road as you need them.

Too many shoes and boots take up space and add weight.

Be prepared to schlep around that 40L bag and the weight of it's contents for long periods of time. When you finally pack your bag with all the things you think you need, take a walk around the neighborhood with it on your back and see how feels. Learn how to move about with it on - you should be able to somewhat gracefully kneel, turn, briefly jog (not for exercise), etc. with the bag on your back.

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You've had good advice from Road to roam.

You can buy anything you need out there, often cheaper than at home.

Keep clothes to a minimum and figure on doing brief informal laundry - quick wash of undies and socks in the sink regularly rather than having a dozen sets. Take half of what you want to, and see if you need to get some more if that's insufficient.

Keep electronics to a minimum, such as just a smartphone, and ensure everything can use the same charger eg a usb.

Re coat. I travel with a fleece and a lightweight waterproof jacket, allowing me to layer as needed.

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Coat: as AndyF said. Waterproof jacket with hood plus a fleece that fits underneath.

Cosmetics: many can serve for more than one use. Shampoo, for example, makes an excellent detergent for handwashing clothes. A cream that's good for your skin is also good for the leather of your shoes.

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Those are excellent suggestions.

Your passport is your most valuable possession while traveling. A money belt is the safest place to put it. But also consider an inner pants pocket with a zipper, such as those that frequently come with tactical pants used by police and security personnel. There are a number of brands, including 5.11, Blackhawk, Vertx, etc. I wear pants made by Blackhawk.

Never leave your passport and money in your bag, even if it's locked. I can't stress enough how important it is to protect your passport. No passport = no travel. In many countries you can't even check into a hotel or hostel without a passport.

Suggest bringing a couple of long-sleeve shirts (preferably of quick-dry synthetic material) to protect against sun and bugs. You always can roll up the sleeves when it's warm. Try to get shirts with a pocket (and preferably with a flap) to keep daily spending money. Or use a money clip. Fat wallets invite pickpocketing, as I once discovered.

My main bag usually weighs no more than 7 kilos, or about 15 pounds. Over the years I've discovered that I only need two or three sets of clothing, including the one I'm wearing. As mentioned by others, if you need something you can always buy it overseas. The one notable exception is prescription drugs (the ones you need might not be available, or the formulations might be different).

Of all the items of clothing, I consider footwear and socks to be the most important. Injure your feet and travel will not be pleasant. I find that good socks can help cushion your feet, allowing you to walk many hours. I use merino-wool-silk hiker socks. Bring a nail clipper, or buy one there. Flip-flops are useful, too. I always pack a pair.

If you need or want something it isn't always necessary to buy. Ask to borrow.

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