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Hi all,

First post on here, hope I haven't missed an existing answer in my brief search.

My partner and I are going through South America (12-14 weeks) as part of a much larger trip (12-18 months Central/South America, Africa, Asia, maybe Oceania if we can budget properly) and we are looking to do a loop to catch the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, Carnival, Iguazu Falls, the Amazon and as much in between and around as we can muster.

I'm running into a bit of trouble getting the broad strokes in order as I can't seem to find decent travel options from Colombia to Guyana. Flights specifically as we'd like to avoid Venezuela at the moment if at all possible.

I made some broad strokes for a trip that looped clockwise around SA, lining up the dates for Carnival and the dry (open) season of Machu Picchu. It works quite well with the average weather patterns I researched, and I am loathe to scrap it if I can help it. I made an alternative (counterclockwise) route, but it seems inefficient and hits places like Manaus in the middle of wet season, and makes it a little "back-tracky" (read inefficient/costly) to hit Machu Picchu (which is non-negotiable). Looking for the following:

1. Are there flights from Colombia to Guyana that I am missing?
2. Are we being too risk-averse to want to avoid Venezuela at the moment?
3. Would being in Manaus in Feb/March be MUCH worse than in April?

Obviously all plans are fungible. I just want to maximize our trip as the money and time we save will allow us to extend our larger trip.

I appreciate all input! Thanks for reading!


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Depending on when you wish to fly and seasonal services, if they exist at all, I bet you can find flights from Colombia to Guyana transferring through Panama City, Panama (PTY). Departing from Barranquilla, perhaps?

You seem keen on moving clockwise and routes from Colombia, through PTY to Guyana aren't far out of the way at all, or even too far counterclockwise and are indeed clockwise in some cases, all depending on where you depart from of course. :)

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This link might be helpful in your planning: https://www.flightconnections.com/

There are tour providers in Brazil that can take you to Mount Roraima and other destinations in southeastern Venezuela.

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