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Hey there! My name is Katya and this is my first ever blog post. Well, kind of. I've had multiple tries before, but was getting bored really fast and would abandon my blogs. This is my last attempt. I swear. To myself. If it's great, it's great, and if not, I will go and finally learn German with all that free time.

I would love to dive right into the travel stuff (which what this blog is going to be about, in case you didn't know), but I feel like you, the people of the Internet, should learn a little bit about me before getting on with the exciting part.

I am currently residing in Berlin, Germany. In the past 9 years, this is the third country I call home. I am originally from Moscow, Russia (thus the name "RussianDanger", I'll get to the "danger" part later), but in 2010 I was fortunate to move to the United States, where I spent 8 intense years. Now, I am just chilling here, in good old Europe.

I work as an Art Director (and sometimes as a Copywriter) in one of the biggest advertising agencies. When I am not at work, my life is all about travel. I live and breathe to explore the world and share my experiences with friends and those, who are just as passionate about travel as I am. Can you tell, that I don't want to be in advertising longer than I have to? So please, like my blog. JK. It's your business.

Let's talk about my hobbies now. Besides writing, for a long time, I didn't think I had another hobby, but I do. Travel and all about it (from researching, to planning, to booking, to experiencing) is my biggest hobby. I am so obsessed with it, that I not only plan the trips for myself, but also for my family and friends, from the beginning till the end of the adventure.

So far I've only been sharing my trips on my private Instagram account. My friends seem to enjoy the content I share, but since my account is private, no one else is able to. I finally feel like I am ready to open up to the world and share my travels with everyone else by combining it with another passion of mine – writing.

In this blog I will not only tell you about my experiences abroad, but I will also share detailed itineraries of the tried trips as well as completely virgin ones. Just to warn you, I travel cheap, I travel fast and I travel with pleasure.

Russian Danger

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Welcome to Travellerspoint! You have posted this in our forum, which is really intended for questions and discussions about travel destinations and topics. If you'd like to start a blog, you can do that on this website too - just choose 'blog' from your home page, or go to 'Your blogs' and then 'Start a new travel blog'. If you have any questions about getting started, or any blogging features, you can post them in the System Talk area of the forum and members will be happy to help :)