Hi I'm new - where do I start???

Travel Forums Introductions Hi I'm new - where do I start???

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Any advice welcome, would love to do Thailand or somewhere else cheap but most importantly safe for lone female. Looking for possible long term travel or renting somewhere warm.
Again any advice hugely welcome.

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"Any advice welcome..."

Fill in some of the blanks for your profile is a start.

Once you mention "lone female" expect to get replies from guys expecting you to share your room with them and maybe even pay them. If you meet up with random people you meet online first meet them in a safe location and not at your hotel room door! Always think safety first!

"Looking for possible long term travel or renting somewhere warm..."

Long term travel and renting overseas requires a passport and meeting visa and financial requirements for each country you have an interest in. Not all countries welcome foreigners taking jobs away from their citizens. For Thailand, you are expected to pay your own way! Depending on your passport you might be able to enter free for 30 days with a flight scheduled out of the country within 30 days. If you intend to just show up with a one way flight this requires a tourist visa you apply for back home before showing up.

In Thailand to work legally you need a work permit. Some tourists claim to work without work permits but they can be arrested and deported when caught. Some foreign women claim to work as bartenders in beer bars but that income is quite low if they can even find the job. Where they get their greater income is inviting Asian men to their hotel rooms for hanky-panky.

Got a lot of money saved up and can pay for your travels - go for it! Need to work to augment your savings you have to research which countries allow you to work and visit. You don't mention where you come from, if the UK many of your countrymen visit Australia and New Zealand where they can find jobs. But you have to research how to do this. (May not meet your requirements for being warm everywhere.)

  • * Solo female tourists do visit Thailand frequently. Even older retirees on pensions. Where you might get in trouble is drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and engaging in risky behaviors. Any country you visit you should research any scams you might encounter. Always know how to change your currency to the currency of the country you visit. Do not rely on a single debit card for spending money, have back up cards. Credit cards can come in handy too. Some medical - hospital insurance can come in handy if you are hurt of get sick somehow. (There are tourists on "GoFundMe" websites begging for money to pay for injuries.)

The time of year you visit Asia will determine the weather you get. Since you mention Thailand, tourists do visit every day of the year regardless of weather. But some beach areas are better during specific months.

Google search will give you many posts for solo female travelers that you can look over.

Bali in Indonesia is very popular with women traveling alone or with their lady friends. Look up Kuta Cowboys.

Good luck and do some research!!

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Hello clarabell, welcome to Travellerspoint!

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Without a profile filled out my first thoughts is that you are one of the younger "adventurers" just out of school looking to kill some time before having to get a real job. Someone much younger than you without any job experience. Also someone besides being younger a little naive and too trusting. And with little money to start with they may take fewer precautions just to eat and sleep in a dry place.

Go on a fling for a few months, maybe check out the movie "Eat Pray Love" for the heck of it.

You need a passport for any travel. Visit Thailand for 30 days just to get something out of the way. Come back home refreshed and ready for anything. From Thailand you can visit a second nearby country for a week before flying back to Thailand for a day or two before the return flight home if you want.

Good luck.

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Quoting karazyal

Without a profile filled out my first thoughts is that you are one of the younger "adventurers" just out of school

From her post in another thread she's a 40s divorcee wanting to explore, get some sun, and perhaps work as part of it.