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For the second time recently, a whole section of a trip write-up that I had been saving as a draft has disappeared.

I know there's no way to get it back.

What I am doing is taking the old VT writeups and tips and putting them back in their original form - putting the tips back into the narrative and putting the photos in the appropriate places. Finding and taking the photos from the ones that were uploaded to TP from VT or matching the photos up from my computer.

I really do not want to write in some WP program because if I do that, I can't put the photos in and I can't see approximately what things would look like with the photos in. The photos are the most fiddley of the process.

I have found only two options.

1. Publish without the photos and put the photos in later.
2. Periodically Publish each section and then go back and edit some more.

Neither of these options is ideal. I fear that if people go to read the text without the photos that they won't want to waste time coming back to see what I've done. And if I Publish and then go back to editing, they may be unable to look at what they think I've published and will stop wanting to look at what I have done.

I also notice that none of my blogs - even ones that are recent - seem to appear on the home page. I could understand not wanting to put old ones there, but surely some of the newer ones would be OK.

I guess what I will have to do is publish smaller sections of the blogs so that if they go missing, it is not such a big task to recreate them.