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I would be interested to know if anyone uses apps to meet people either to travel with or as a kind of local guide during your trip?

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I have never used an app to meet people to travel with. I have hired local guides, but mostly I just got their names from friends on the internet. I haven't used an app, and I don't know that I would ever really do it that way.

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Are you looking for something like "Tinder" for tourists??

You don't mention where you want to visit and how long you might be gone. Some overseas destinations depend on weather you want. Need to snow ski - choose a cold month. Need to swim at a nice beach choose a warm location, etc.

In many places you visit overseas you often can sign up for shared tours in person.

Research any country you have an interest in. Long before there were smart phones tourists managed to meet people the old fashioned way! Sometimes they met people in the place they choose to stay at such as hostels, hotels and guest houses. They meet people walking around town, meet people on shared tours, in bars and simply by chance. (I met a friend on a plane 20 years ago and still keep in touch.)

You can still have a nice time going on trips by yourself. There are many tourists who prefer to travel solo.

An old fashioned printed travel guide is still useful. And for many people they may be able to check a travel guide out for free from a lending library. Or if you want simply buy one from a book store.

Long before the internet people successfully managed to visit places all over the world.

Up to you to have funds to pay for transportation from where you begin at to where you intend to visit and return home. Up to you to have a passport if traveling overseas. Up to you to have some cash, credit cards and debit cards for spending money on the trip. Some health and hospital insurance can come in handy if you are hit by a bus or fall in a hole or whatever.

If you have a lot of money there are tour groups that cater to young people, retirees and whatever category you may fall into that you an sign up for. Got a lot of money some local travel agencies in your town or nearby town can assist you.

  • * I only use a mobile phone when out of my house in my home country. And just for talking! I do use computers frequently and take a laptop with me on long trips. (I do not walk around looking at a stupid phone all day long anywhere!)

Up to you.

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