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Quoting Sue Holland

To conclude my decision on the above trip to India (my original post) - I have cancelled my trip, and postponed until next year. The reasons for this are:-
1. Airport stopovers (especially Dubai) are reported to be chaos. The risk of being pulled out of a queue will delay my arrival.
2. I’m guessing that all UK travellers are not going to be particularly welcome in other countries (because we have been transparent on virus numbers here).
3. Don’t fancy being put into quarantine in India, or indeed hospitalised there.
4. The whole concept of travelling long haul is fraught with problems atm.
5. I’m sure India has a good number of cases, but is not declaring it, or perhaps is unaware of it because of its huge population and patchy health system.
I am losing a large proportion of my holiday cost in order to cancel - galling - this is because a health crisis has not been declared in India. However, I feel I’m doing the right thing by staying in the UK. It’s the less selfish thing to do.

What a bummer. :( I admire your unselfishness in this. It's not just about avoiding catching the virus ourselves. We also need to look after those in our community who are immunocompromised.

Hopefully the world will get on top of this virus soon and you can have a second try at this trip!

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Quoting leics2


>India and Govt. of India has taken very serious on it and made a alert to health organizations.

Do you seriously think other countries did not do..and are not doing... exactly the same thing?

I absolutely agree that there is no need to panic (and, excluding any government ban, the decision whether to travel or not is always down to the individual concerned) but to imply that India cannot and will not be affected is neither logical nor helpful.

I am not say that other countries are not doing. But Most of Indian exports are coming from china. So they are taking alert how to prevent this virus. In these two days it has increased two more and Kerala govt. has prevented this cure. Few people of Kerala citizens are cured by this virus.

I am talking to the foreigners who are coming to India no need to panic even though you have to take care of your self. Must and should wear mask. Sanitizer should be in your bag. and few more precaution you should follow.

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You seem to have a rather 'head in the sand' approach. The WHO website today shows that India now has 30 confirmed cases, up from 3 only two days ago. You can expect the figures to increase daily, as they have done elsewhere.

> Most of Indian exports are coming from china.

People with coronavirus are infectious before they show any symptoms at all. It is thought the virus can take up to 14 days to produce symptoms and many people won't even get any symptoms. People who haven't set foot in China themselves can easily be infected at e.g. airports, from staying in the same hotel as someone who has been infected etc etc. The fact that not all cases everywhere can be directly traced to someone arriving from China really isn't relevant.

>Must and should wear mask

Masks might reduce the chances of you infecting someone else if you are ill or infectious. They are do not and cannot reduce the chances of you being infected unless they are a) top-quality surgical masks which fit closely to the face and b) are changed (with appropriate hand-washing & disposal) as soon as they become damp. Masks can make people feel reassured but I'm afraid it's false reassurance. Logic alone should tell you that if masks always worked 100% no medical staff would ever get infected....

>Sanitizer should be in your bag

Hand sanitizer is anti-bacterial. It useless against viruses unless it contains at least60% alcohol. The best precaution is to wash hands frequently and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using soap and hot water.

Wearing latex or other gloves when touching e.g. handrails, ATMs, touchscreens etc can also reduce the chances of being infected. Hands should be washed as soon as gloves are removed.

Avoiding crowded places and keeping at least a metre distance from other people are other sensible precautions.

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We're headed to France but not for a while. My husband is hoping it will be over by then and I'm hoping we get quarantined in France. If you have to be quarantined, it might as well be someplace you love.