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Hello Fellow Travelers,

My friend and I are looking to travel to either Croatia or Italy, but are having a really tough time deciding where. I am just looking for any tidbits, preferences that will help us in our decision. We do understand we could do both very easily. That said we are looking for a deep dive into the culture, food, social atmosphere, etc. as well. Any advice or places to visit would be of great assistance.


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Hi there!
Which areas are you actually considering? The Adriatic sea Region of Italy can refer to the area near Venice, or much southern down.
And are you interested in a beach Holiday or would you also like to visit some towns?

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We will most likely be there in the late fall, so the beach is out of the question (unless it is warm that time of year?). We are looking to visit a couple of towns and do a dive into the history, meet / socialize with the locals, eat some fantastic food and just generally have a good time. Possibly see a futbol game if time allows.

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I suggest the regions of Marche and Umbria in Italy, especially in autumn.

Umbria: Todi and Gubbio are beautiful towns to explore. Seasonal treats like figs and chestnuts will make it on the menu at these times. Also, I suggest a day or two in the town of Orvieto - it's close to the border of Tuscany.

Marche: The hill town of Treia is one of my favorites. As with almost any town in Italy the passeggiata, or evening stroll in Treia should be experienced. The city of Macerata is also worth a look. We're very good friends with an English couple who run a small b&b in Marche; they offer an olive-picking stay every other autumn where you can also help them with the pressing process in the village of Avenale. A great experience if you can time it right! Urbino is another place to look into; this is worth the stop just for the Palazzo Ducale.

One of my favorite archaeological sites in Italy - Urbs Salvia - is in Marche. The story goes the amphitheater was often flooded for grand mock naval battles. I love where these ruins are situated, too. On our last visit portions of the old reservoir were (I believe) getting ready to close for work - don't know if they're open at the moment.... Still worth it anyway.

The towns and the site I mention are manageable in terms of size and, in my experience, refreshingly lack over-the-top touristy saturation - these suggestions can be a nice change from some of the bigger-draw sites/sights/towns/provinces/regions.

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I live in Serbia, we are neighbours with Croatia and Italy is not far away. Both countries has its own beauties. For example, Italy has food, wine and atmosfere that is magical but it really depends where do you come from, maybe you would find Croatian food and atmosfere exotical :)
What is sure, is that Croatian sea side is definitely better than Italian and see it self is better.

For Adriatic see, Croatian coast is the best. For Italy, south of country.

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I'd give you info on the Croatian side, but the last time I was there was June 1989 back in the old Yugoslavia days. Kinda changed a little.

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I haven't visited much around, but our trip to Portoroz and Piran in Slovenia on the Adriatic coast was just splendid.
Very quiet, great weather, amazing landscapes and relatively cheap comparatively to Italy for example. That being said, the Slovenian coast might be less culturally marked as neighboring Croatia and Italy.