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Hi everyone!
March 15th through 19th we are taking a mother & son trip to Denver, CO. My son is 14. (15 in April)
I did a lot of research on where to go & Denver was our choice. I booked the flight & hotel already & when I went to start booking & budgeting activities, I ran into a bit of a dilemma & I’m hoping someone out there has suggestions.
Things we would like to do:
Snow tube, hot springs, Jeep tour of mountains or a moderate hike, atv/UV rentals or snow rentals, zip line & then some other things like shopping, food etc.
The dilemma is... there’s no way for me to know if it’ll be snowing or not. I also noticed a lot of these activities are either weather permitting, 1-3 hours from Denver or not open on week days. If it’s not snowing I don’t mind getting a rental care & driving to experience these things, however, if it is.. I’m from/live in the south & I would prefer not to.
Does anyone have any suggestions of things to do, during this time of year that are in Denver or within 30 minutes? Looking for outdoor/adrenaline fun type activities but open to other suggestions on must see, eat or do!

Thank you for any help!

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We rested in the ski resort of Snow Mass. And we really liked it there

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You seem to have a couple of snow related things (snow tube and snowmobile) which depend on snow to work. Neither I nor anyone else can predict snow. So those things will have to be scheduled when you are there. I think you can get the train up to Winter Park

Unfortunately I have not been to Denver except to visit relatives for many years so I can't suggest things to eat and I don't have much to suggest in the way of things to do in your desired level of activity. You can have your photo taken at the Mile High step on the capitol . I think my grandson and sil went to Red Rock

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Well, Denver is getting all kinds of snow so far this year. My grandkids have had several snow days so far. There is a ski mountain not too far from Denver. You might look at what can be done in conjunction with the ski resort. 6 ski hills in area

They also just put in a new museum The Denver Art Museum. I want to go see that one because they used a specialty product we make to put the glass in...curved glass. Big curved glass...They also do some hands on for art and it does look fun. It would make for one warm day.